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Idearc Complaints & Reviews

Idearc - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / unethical sales technique


Unethical sales techniques, , , , my business has been advertising with verizon since 1999, then Idearc takes over, all of my advertising had been the same, and they would send over a RENEWAL contract with the same exact services, that is until 2017 when they slipped in internet advertising on my contract. I did not read the fine print and didn't realize they were now billing me for internet advertising, once I saw it on my bills I called to cancel only to be told "To Bad we have a signed contract" I have been trying to resolve this issue with them for 2 years now, and am getting no...

Idearc - Colorado / Unethical sales techniques


The salesman for Idearc quoted my employee a price for direct mail advertising. The salesman did not specify that the price was actually times twelve. By the time that I realized what was being "pulled" and confronted the salesman I was in deep, over $10, 000.00! The salesman's response was "sorry for the miscommunication ". My advise is to avoid Idearc and it's afilliates, better yet turn and run as fast as you can.



THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!THEY TRICK YOU TO SIGN BY VERBALLY PROMISSING " GREAT SALE" and in fact all they sell is FAKE< FRAUD, and, SCAM!!!They refuse canceling even after you had sent certified letters!Please keep all doc. have the name of the person or his signature ready. They are thousands of us beiong harrast by this UNETHICAL, HIDEOUS, CORRUPTIVE, LYIERS!!!WE SHALL STAND TOGHERE AND ALL FILL A CLASS ACTION!!!THEY NEED TO GO!!!. Call FTC, FBI, local police, THEY VIOLATE CONSUMER LAWS, CONSUMER RIGHTS, FEDERAL LAWS!!!

Idearc / yellow pages auto renewal


My son, too, was victim of IDEARC'S Yellow Pages advertising contract. He made an ORAL contract with their sales rep for a one-year-ad. He informed them on the phone that he'd been wasting his $ on the ad, which had produced 0 results. He paid the bill in full 6 mos early. He told them not to re-print the ad. As this contract departs from the industry standard, he never read the small boilerplate clause in the contract giving IDEARC the right to either continue or not, without notice, at their whim, but places all the burden on the buyer to cancel in writing. They claim that they...