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iBurst Complaints & Reviews

iBurst / Bad Service (Non existent)

Sep 6, 2013

13 August request renewal on existing contract with new modem. I have discussed my situation with regards to proof if address to Thembi Mtshutshwane who said that a a lease agreement would be acceptable as proof of address. On 14 August were the couriers at my workplace to deliver such modem, however refused to accept my proof of address as arranged with Thembi after they have phoned Iburst. With consultation with Thembi via email were it obvious that Iburst does not whish to treat any customer with respect or decency. On the 23rd of the same month, were an Iburst modem delivered at the same...

iBurst / Overcharging & Unfair termination of Contract

May 24, 2012

In December 2011 I was converted from Iburst Modem to Cell C Modem due to signal problems in my area. Monthly description was R149pm.Since then I paid the following: 01/12/2011 -R257, 15/12/2011 -R711, 19/12/2011 R81.70, 03/01/2012 -R406, 01/02/2012 -R406, 02/02/2012 - R406, 28/02/2012 -R450, 02/05/2012 -R1, 561.97.In the beginning of March, they called me to say they received no payment from me, I had to send proof of payment because it didn’t show on their side.I did & they said they would take it up with their cash office.For the whole of March and April, they gave me no Gigs to use...

iBurst / iBurst illegally debiting from my account

Feb 17, 2011

On 29 Dec 2010 I send and email to iBurst to cancel my contract with effect end of Jan 2011. In the email I specifically instructed them not to debit my account for the month of Febr 2011. I received confirmation from iBurst on the 6th of Jan 2011 and on the 20th of Jan, that my contract with them will be cancelled on the 31st of Jan 2011. The reference number they gave me was: 001-00-339578. On Monday 31st Jan 2011, iBurst debited an unauthorized amount of R592.00 from my cheque account. I send a written complaint to their Retensions Dept on Friday 4 Febr. I requested that someone phone me to...

iBurst / No service at all from Iburst

Feb 7, 2011

I purchased a 8 gig contract from iBurst in January 2010 - I purchased an attena to increase my signal as I was living on the edge of the signal in Rustenburg - For the first three days I had a good signal of 70% taking the circumstances in account - I then left over the weekend and the Sunday I returned my signal have dropped to 20-30% and I am disconected several time during a 24hour period. I then complained at iBurst on their website and have written several emails to their Pretoria Branch to a guy by name of Renier Taute and he said he will follow up - When attempting to phone, no-one...

iBurst / Not receiving all my email and cannot log onto Iburst Webmail


Not receiving all my email and cannot log onto Iburst Webmail, phoned tech supp got Nontobekho (got her eight times in two days) ... Oh dear! She tells me that there is nothing wrong with my email, I humoured her for and hour explaining in monosyllables that I have an average of 40 mails a day and have five people phoning urgently wanting responses to their emails. Turns out that the problem is widespread - Durban call cent reported 'significantly high calls form Joburg for the same problem'. Eventually she told me to Dial a Nerd (can you believe it?) When I phoned them, they cannot...

iBurst / Stay away from Iburst


Over the last few days I tried to contact the call center a number of times. I have been holding on each time for 10 - 15 minutes and then have finally given up. Today I got through after 15 minutes to be told they are there 247. Most of my incoming mail has been going into 'spam' and apparently they have had a problem for a couple of days. How about letting the subscribers know and getting more staff into their call centre, to offer some sort of service? Any decent service providers around, please let me know!

iBurst / Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.


1. After 3 months of faultless connection, my lag times suddenly went through the roof. Reliable internet gaming became all but impossible. Hours of call centre hell to try and rectify the prolem. Best advice I got after 2 days: 'Are you connecting with the correct username?'. After 4 weeks, I was told there was an 'Unconfirmed problem' that they had been working on for some time. And they would get back to me in a week with a report. Not a solution. A report. I have done tests I have spoken to many people and after 6 WEEKS, there is absolutely no progress. The worst part...

iBurst / Try download something using iBurst, ha good luck


Early this morning, when the Internet is usually faster than daytimes, I tried to surf the net. Using iBurst. The iBurst signal monitor says I have 100% signal. Yet it seemed slow, for the last few weeks it has very very slow. I went to a few online speed test sites. This was the result: an average upload speed of 100-140 kbps. That is slow for a broadband service for which I pay for. And a download average of 40, yes FOURTY, kbps!! That is dialup speed!!! Shocking. What a slow speed. And disgusting, seeing that this is supposed to be broadband, and at a time of night when many users are...

iBurst / Iburst - not for business people, not for anyone


I really think I-burst needs to reconsider who their market is and where they market their devices, and then train their sales people to sell ONLY to people living in this area. I made the mistake (after talking to a sales consultant and he advised me that the Wireless would work for me), I complained then and after a long hastle, they swopped it for a 3G USB device and advised that this would be the solution, not mentioning that I won't have signal in most areas I travel, however I stuck with it for months maybe a year already as I thought that everyone is experiencing this problem...

iBurst / Subscription not valid or canceled


I sent an email to iburst on Sunday evening and still haven't heard from them. The person in cahrge of paying the iburst account has been doing so via debit order for almost a year now. If I'm not mistaken she was also paying R12 for the internet security software. Kaspersky no longer works and it says, 'Your license key is invalid.Protection is disabled.Your current subscription is not valid or has been cancelled' I've been trying to find out how to renew the subscription but the iburst website doesn't even show you what package you are on as before as I assumed this is where you could renew it and be sent a new license key.

iBurst / I can't check my bandwidth anywhere


Okay, here's the thing. I get 1gig bandwith per month. I try to check it everyday, because if I go over that 1gig it goes to pay-per-use. One month I had to pay over R1500 for the bandwith instead of R350 because I went over that 1gig. Now, here is my problem. Since the beginning of this month I have been unable to check my bandwith usage. I am unable to log in to Iburst's site. A few days ago I phoned their help line and what a disaster that was. I waited for over 30min for the person to tell me that he can't check my bandwith, because their 'system' doesn't allow it. I...

iBurst / Bad service and signal


I took out an Iburst 36 month contract, the sales rep came to my place of work and installed the modem to my laptop and checked that it worked and it did. When i got home that night it did not get signal, he came over and gave me an aerial and i was able to get a weak signal, i was worried about this and stressed my concern to the rep, we were also looking at moving not to far from where i stayed and the rep promised me that Iburst was putting up 7 new towers in December that year (2006) and that i would get full signal in my present flat and that the whole area would be covered so i would get...