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iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. Complaints & Reviews

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / indian head viresh shah is unethical, liar, fraud, corrupt, crook and mentally sick

Dec 21, 2018

Ever since Viresh came to iBASEt (The IT Director Jasdeep Mann brought him and he joined as an employee in Management team), bad reviews started flowing on internet. Viresh a.k.a. Kali Mirch, used to deploy non branded / pirate hardware as a measure to cut costs in his previous company Dana. He started having monthly meetings with the HR and other Department Heads in which few people are chosen(Mostly from HR) to write good reviews about the company and him in order to avoid bad publicity. Viresh even went to the extent of investigating the IP addresses of all employees who have given...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / viresh is virus — really risky virus

Dec 20, 2018

Replace 'e' by 'u'... Yes, you are right! He is a virus! He is the worst person I have never seen in my life! No vision, no ethics, no management, Viresh is worse than the lowest people of society such as criminals, drug mafia, prostitutes and pimps. Those elements of society do wrong things due to lack of money, lack of education or lack of family values. But this [censored] have all the good things that life has to offer - good money, good education and good families. Still he does all the wrong things just to satisfy his stupid egos while his entire vertical is watching him. So yes, he i...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / ibaset india software private limited — mental harassment, threat to life and family and character assassination

Dec 12, 2018

Even after all complaints, Viresh Shah/Director of iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd. have not changed. The Director is as arrogant as ever and continues insulting, abusing and threatening his employees as if he is untouchable. Keeps telling everyone " Main sabka baap hun". Calls his employees "Bhenchod" "Madarchod" "Chutiye" "Gandu" without care (even to females), creates fights among employees by instructing the senior employees to harass the junior employees and some senior employees follow his instructions and fight with their juniors. He keeps threatening employees that he will follow them to...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / "the worst company in india if not in the world!"

May 08, 2018

Country Manager/Viresh is a dumb. He should first learn from other top management people how to treat employees. Its exactly like a school and you will be treated as a school student . For each and every silly thing you have to stand in front of Country Manager, others have no power. HR/Sneha Fidelis is one of the dumbest person, she will be hiding at the back of Country Manager.HR doesn't know A and B of HR dept functions, if you approach HR she will ask you to meet the Country Manager. then why the hell HR dept is existing. Let the psychic Country Manager can be designated as HR...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / "hopeless work environment - full of politics & flattery"

May 03, 2018

The company is run by two Intolerant and immature people(Country Manager and HR) Those who do not have the strength to bear their criticism If someone dares to talk about their rights in front of them, then those people count it wrong behavior infront of upper management and given fake picture of the situation in order to satisfy their personal ego they have Started humiliating innocent people.They forced them to sign on apology letter. this is really embarrassing and ridiculous.This reflects their low and sick mentality