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HyVee Complaints & Reviews

HyVee - Minnesota / chicken


I went in to HyVee in Windom, Mn. this noon and bought a broasted chicken breast. It was so tough and had no taste and I returned it to the store. It was the first time I had tried the Deli since the takeover of Sunshine Foods. In all the years I had never received a bad piece of chicken from Sunshine Foods. I will not return for another at the HyVee store. Returned the unfinshed piece and got a refund. Please do something about the Deli as I have heard many complaints. If you wanted to do a takeover, then do things like the previous owner did.

HyVee - Minnesota, Fairmont / Rude employee


There is a rude and obnoxious lady named Mona that works at the Hyvee in Fairmont, MN. My husband and I have had dealings with this person in the past. Recently she followed us inside the store and was almost on my heels following us outside the store to make sure we were out and we have done nothing wrong! This mater needs to be dealt with immedietly! We don't even like shopping at that Hyvee store anymore because of this rude person and we consider it harasment!

HyVee - Iowa, Johnston / rude and slow checkout line


This HyVee store in Johnston needs to start having more open checkout lines. I was in there on a Friday afternoon and there was only 1 line open. Hello?! I was not about to wait for an hour for the 6 or 7 people who were ahead of me. So since there was only 1 person at the "12 items or less" so-called Quick Line, I just went there. Well, the female employee named Pat is one of those clerks who has to have full-blown personal converstations with every single person in her line. She kept talking and talking and I just waited and waited. Then, a couple of people came up who had only 1 item so of...