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Howard Johnson Hotel Complaints & Reviews

Howard Johnson Hotel - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Overcharge

Aug 28, 2015

We stayed at the Howard Johnson in Colorado Springs On Voyager Parkway the room was filthy our luggage was ransacked by the housekeepers. We didn't get the room we reserved. Ice machine was broken on our floor. After returning home had a extra $72.00 charged to our credit card when I called to inquire about the charge the Manager was rude and said it was because there was "Blue Stuff" on some of the towels and I was being charged for now towels. We did not have anything Blue in our room and we actually left early in the morning and hadn't used the towels. It was a bogus charge and after some researching it appears as if this location is famous for screwing people after they leave.

Howard Johnson Hotel / Bed bugs

Jun 1, 2011

Do Not Stay at the Howard Johnsons In Newark, NJ. I stayed there and got Bed bugs All over me.They called me a Liar. I Called the Health Dept. This Dump Should be Shut Down. MANY Problems here, I have a List. 1 BED BUGS 2 Leaky Bathroom (Almost fell in the middle of the night, ...), 3 YOU get to Pay an ADDITIONAL $15.00, Just to stay there and park in thier "Lot", 4 Smells HORRIBLE 5 I got short changed in the restaurant, (The man had no clue what I was saying, , Etc