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Hotel Bargains — deal

Oh Dear. After reading everyone review about hotel bargains, i'm afraid to say that I got sucked into it too! I still haven't tried to make a booking but I did try contact them [protected], the phone number has been disconnected. is there anyone out there who tried to get their money back? is there any place like fair trading department who can help me to make a complain not just about them but about all overseas purchases.

Business & Finances  · Mar 31, 2015

Hotel Bargains - Queensland, Southport — No refund for unused voucher

I received a phone call from Hotel Bargains in July 2012 offering cheap hotel accommodation. I paid $249 to purchase 25 voucher. The vouchers and details came to after 10 days have passed. I had no immediate need to do any hotel booking with Hotel Bargains at that time . Just a week ago I decided to go to Melbourne and ask them find their discount hotel accommodation in one of the Melbourne suburb. When I called them no body was there to attend the phone call. Somebody called me after 2 days to find my need. I told the woman on the phone where I wanted to stay in Melbourne. She called me back...

Southport Travel Agencies  · Jan 25, 2013

Hotel Bargains - Northern Territory, Lamerton Crescent — Beware, scam, cheats, rude,

Beware, scam, cheats, rude, 01. Hotel Bargains or Hotel Bargains Pty Ltd is not listed in ABN or ACN Search 02. BN22096735 or [protected] is not a valid ABN ACN or any other business or registered institutional number in Australia 03. Anyone can have a 07 (QLD) number. Just buy a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) number from any VOIP provider take it to any part of the world or use a VOIP software on your PC / MAC or even on your Smart Phone and call from that 07 number you bought. 04. Their website ( ) transactions are not legit. Doesn't use a https:// ( s ...

Lamerton Crescent Hotels  · Sep 04, 2012

Hotel Bargains - Queensland — Hotel Bargain Scam

I received my membership info 10 days after purchase. So, I didn’t have any chance to check their deals. When I checked Hotelbargain deals, I really surprised as their deals are all more expensive than any other deals. So, I was really confused why I need Hotelbargain vouchers. It would be much cheaper if I purchased it from other booking websites (, or even from the hotel itsel[censored] I was still within my 10 business day cooling off period. I called them and asked for cancellation. But the customer service was really rude and never try to resolve my problem and...

Online Scams  · Sep 04, 2012

Hotel Bargains - New South Wales, Sydney — wrong information provided by sales

I was sold coupons on a basis that hotel rooms are available from 6th Dec- 10th Dec and the price was $119 per night. I was further told that one night I will pay and other night will be free. I clarified right from start to the sales person that since my daughters weeding is on 8th Dec, thats why I am buying these coupons and I must get such accommodation. Sales person confirmed me and even provided the hotel address. I visited the hotel, accommodation is available on those days but now when I am trying to book the hotels through hotel bargain, I am getting quoted different price. Their...

Sydney Hotels  · Jun 06, 2012

Hotel Bargains - Queensland, Brisbane — duped told incomplete information

Igot a call about 7 days free accomodation paying $99.00. I purchased it she told me hotels which were not there. the food was to be purchased not buy before booking. when I tried to book these people were so rude on phone that I dont want to go further its 5 days back I got it, she even told me you will have coupons but its a booklet you get everywhere. given false information would like a refund.

2 comments Brisbane Hotels  · Apr 22, 2012

Hotel Bargains - Queensland — Rip off

Beware of this company, was contacted by phone re this accommodation deal where you pay $220 and you get discounts on certain hotel accommodation booked on their website or by calling a customers service team. After many attempts to phone finally went on their website and booked accommodation. The accommodation booked through them was $833.00 if I booked direct to hotel the same accommodation was $770. After many many attempts finally got through to hotel bargains to a very rude female, who turned nasty when I questioned her about the price difference. So the end result being the vouchers I...

6 comments Travel & Vacations  · Feb 13, 2012