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Hope Now Modifications Complaints & Reviews

Hope Now Modifications / Terrible company


In January 09 the company Hope Now Modifications, LLC reached me by letter and said they could fix my late payments and have my mortage changed from an ARM to a fixed rate. After checking with several banks and BBB I was told this was a good company to deal with. I spoke to a Brandon Rota who said I would need to send Hope Now 2499.00 in order for them to help us. Rota claimed this was for attorney fees. I have spoken with one other person since January and that was in April 09 and was told I had been caught in a scam and my money would be returned, within 30-60 days. I have tried since then...

Hope Now Modifications / Fraudsters and cheaters


Called Hope Now Mods LLC back in November, 2008. I talked to a guy name Eric Simkin extensively as I was very unsure about the validity of their claims but at the same time I needed help. Eric went a VERY LONG way to assure me that they were legit. He spoke of honor, claimed he was a family man and that HNM saved his home. He would reply to my emails mostly from his Blackberry, never received an email from him that wasn't from the Blackberry. I asked him to talk to me man to man, I have a family and was wary of putting them in harms way trusting them to help me. I told him that if I gave...

Hope Now Modifications - Massachusetts / scammed


i was scammed by hope now mod. i am out 1, 500. and this all started in Dec.2008 and now i can't even get a reply i need to keep my home and these people scammed us we really need to be able to do something to these people!!

Hope Now Modifications - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / Fraud, Misrepresentation, Theft


Well, we are joining this whole complaint. I truly feel for all of you. We are in the same boat. We started with Hope Now back in September of 2017 BEFORE we were even late on our mortgage. Chris Croce from their office was great until he got our money. $2900 later and I can't reach anyone on the phone, I get anonymous phone calls with updates saying "everything is in the process and going well" . They told me it would take 60-90 days. In January when we couldn't get through to them I finally contacted our mortgage company again who said they NEVER talked with anyone from Hope Now...

Hope Now Modifications - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / Fraud and lies


n January 2009 we signed a legally binding contract with Hope Now Modifications, LLC for a loan modification with Countrywide, out mortgage holder. A fee of $2, 100 was agreed with the fee to be split in two payments via debit of our checking account. The first portion of $1, 050.00 was debited 1-30-09 with the balance to be debited in late February. Regular contact was established with Cassandra Peters of Hope Now Modifications, LLC and Ms. Peters assured the law firm of Kwasnik, Rodio, Kanowitz and Buckley was handling the negotiations. In late February Ms. Peters advised we would be required...