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Hometeam Pest Defense Complaints & Reviews

Hometeam Pest Defense - Florida, Longwood / Termite (no)Protection

Oct 23, 2015

I hate HomeTeam Pest Defense, Inc. of Florida. It is my opinion, that they sell the worst termite protection service possible. Their Sentricon system failed to protect my home from termites, and then they have refused responsibility for the damages. I paid HomeTeam to protect my home from termites for 5 years. I paid HomeTeam for a $1 million dollar warranty to pay for termite damage should it occur. occurred! I believe they have acted in a dishonest manner, which has led me to sue them for breach of contract in Seminole County. The trial date is set. This should be fun. As Stewie...

Hometeam Pest Defense / Do not work there

Jun 26, 2011

Maybe Rollins HR should investigate Hometeam Pest Defense. How can a Field Supervisor drive a company truck without a Drivers Alert Sticker for over 8 months with General manager and Service manager knowledge. How can HR do an investigation and find nothing wrong when several employees have called and complained about him and his use of vulgar language directed at them. How can a managment team treat it's employees as slaves and should not have any opinion other than what they give us. the use of retaliation and fear of losing a job keeps employees in line. those that have shown a strong opinion have secret files keep on them until they can fire!