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Home Freedom Capital Complaints & Reviews

Home Freedom Capital - New Jersey, MT LAUREL / LOAN MODIFICATION


I Paid Home Freedom Capital my last $2, 000 and they said they would stop my home from being forclosed on and would be able to lower my intrest rate and get my principal balance reduced and by doing that they said my monthly payment would get cut almost in half. Well that all sounded great who would'nt pay $2, 000 for a service that can do all that for you, man was i fooled i knew it was way to good to be true those guys are good !!! because everytime i call i get the run around and they keep telling me the same thing they are waiting on my bank ??? it is funny when they were calling me...

Home Freedom Capital - New Jersey, Marleton / Scam Mortgage Modification


These Home Freedom Capital People ripped me off... I had paid them lots of money to modify my loan and they did NOTHING!!! Then I asked for my money back - ha... check is in the mail... AVOID like the plague... Now they are doing some kind of debt consolodation scam as the modification business dried up. Google BBB rating for these idiots and complain!!! EasyMan