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Sep 2, 2011

I had subscribed to help me down load for $11 a year for 3 years, in turn they were suppose to help me download the AVG Free antvi software. They did not do anything but take my money( more than was agreed to ), and leave me for dead. This is a scam, as I found out, there are many more complaints of this helpmedownload sight. All I want is my money back, and for others not to fall into this scamm trap.Than you for your time. - Nevada, Henderson / AVG ripoff scheme


Scammed me out of $45.82 US Funds thru my Debit Card. If I find out who is behind this they will be killed on site, as slowly and painfully as possible. / debit charges


I thought this was a one time fee but I am being charged monthly. My e-mail is [email protected] ($14.97) - Arizona, Tucson / Rip off


I never knew I was ordering this software when I downloaded Firefox. When a charge for $81.58 appeared on my credit card bill we questioned the charge. Then a charge for $9.88 appeared and we disputed that too. Because they had gotten my information (from the Firefox download, I assume) the bank took back the provisional credit. The bank called the 800-978-7657 customer service number for and the supervisor Murphy actually told the bank that because we went through the dispute system it locked down their system and therefore they cannot process a credit. They are sticking to... / Unauthorized charges


Charged my credit card when I DID NOT order their services. Still cannot answer, or will not answer how they accessed my card. I got my credit, but feel they are deceptive with their online business as I never, ever went to the site and ordered the services. Make sure you always look at your bill!!! I am glad i did. / Scam charges


I am experiencing recurring authorized debits to my checking account. I want all funds returned to my checking account immediately. / taking money from my debit account without my consent


I never ordered anything and been getting charged for $14.97 monthly. I want it stopped whatever this is. I have contacted my bank and in process of a legal advisor. My name is Marilyn and email [email protected] Please erspond asap. Thank you 6-29-09 / unwanted payment for no product, total cancellation requested


I tried to download a free computer protection service, not recieved any goods, but charged £63.52. Now have with another co protection. Having recieved nothing from your co and being in need of funds for family, pls can you refund my money? Regards M.Archer - Oregon / Charged for service I did not download.


Dear Whomever will listen- I noticed on my last credit card statement that I was charged $86.67 for something I did not do. The description was and the city listed next to the desription was the abbreviation: GBR, which I think could be Great Britain.This whole ordeal scares me a little. I may have filled out my credit card information to them but I did not purchase anything or any service for any amount, much less $86.67. I called the service line for my credit card number and they mentioned that I might have to dispute this charge or worry that my card has been compromised. Can anyone help me out with this problem? Thank you for your time, Blythe McKenzie - Scotland, Lothian / money fraudulently taken from my account

To, where do I start ? This company have fraudulently taken money from my account (and others to by the looks of things ) they stole the money from my account, they are thieves ( take me to court sue me for slander and defamation go on try it, I do not think so somehow.( as they know I'm telling the truth ) Yes they are the lowest of the low, surprise surprise to they are based in the U.S.A., how convenient, try and contact them by telephone or e-mail I wish you luck. How did i fall foul of this company ? You tell me, as I have3 no idea, I certainly did not purchase... / unlawful taking of money


I logged on to this site to download a free AVG anti virus package they asked me for my credit card details as there was now a charge for the AVG download it was reasonable so I paid for the package but what they didnt say was that it would cost me over £80 and they are continuing to take a monthly subcription which I have written and told them to cancel if you would please take a look at the internet type in you will find a site showing a number of complaints I can probably afford to lose £100 to 120 but there are hundreds of people out there that cant please... / Unauthorised Direct Debit set up on my Bank Account


Do Not Under Any Circumstances consider signing up with or even enquiring into joining this internet download company I First became aware of when my Bank contacted me to inform me I had gone over my overdraft limit. A payment for £47.95 had been debited from my account without my knowledge or permission and had taken me over my overdraft limit resulting in additional bank charges of £30.00. My bank were able to give me the details of the company and I contact them immediately. They had a account in my name with all of my correct detail... - Alberta / Credit card charges


We found charges on our credit card and were told we had subscribed for three years. We did not subscribe, we did not authorize these payments. When we called and complained they said they would not refund the money but they would cancel our subscribtion. We are now $116 out of pocket plus the monthly charges for the first two months. We are now going to have to cancel our credit card so that we can be sure we will not be charged any more money. What a hassle. There needs to be something done about this. - Tasmania, Launceston / No communication


In a burst of enthusiasm on acquiring a new computer in September 2007 and being attached to broadband, I must have subscribed to I don't remember doing so and if I reeived any communication from that company I must have binned it without opening it. I therefore had no ID or anything else. In April 2008 I now notice that payments od USD 9.88 ceased. In June 2008 payments to commenced. There was communication from this company either. You may wonder why it took me so long to notice that I was paying out for something I didn't use. So do I, mates!! I... / misleading sale of useless services


This company uses deceptive practices to obtain subscriptions to their services. I was looking for the Avast anti-virus free download so I searched for "avast download" and their page came up ahead of Avast in the Google search ranking. I actually thought that Avast was now charging $12 for a three year subscription to their services when I agreed to pay. It turned out that I had agreed to pay $36 for the three year subscription to ($12 per year). In addition, there were check boxes on the website that would sign me up for additional services for monthly fees. I think I... - New York, Brentwood / account debited.


I keep getting debited this amount $9.88 i do not know its origin. The site keeps changing its name. i do not want this amount debited from my account.