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Jan 12, 2019

Note that this parent company (Two Point Enterprises) operates several retail websites:,,, and I placed an order with this company and received no email confirmation or email of any kind. A week or so later, having received no notice of my order or of shipping, I emailed to request a cancellation. I was informed by a representative (who curtly insisted that they HAD sent me an order confirmation) that it was too late to cancel the order as "it has already shipped." Days later I received an email stating that the shipping label had... / I am getting very worried it may be a scam site

Jan 14, 2013

I bought a knife and leather cover for $400. It was listed as in stock. After more than 10 days, they still have not even mail it out yet!! I am getting very worried it may be a scam site. My advise, please reply to emails and update clients on the reason for the delays. If and when it actually ships out, I sure hope they use express mail and not by sea or land. I will update if I got scammed or this is a genuine business site. / Still have not heard back from them

Mar 29, 2012

I ordered a knife from them over a week ago (3/19/2012). The item showed IN STOCK. My bank account was IMMEDIATELY deducted. I received my first email that afternoon, stating that my order had been confirmed. I then received my SHIPMENT NOTIFICATION later that evening. BEWARE - They mislead you by printing a shipping label immediately upon ordering, you receive an electronic notification, thinking you item had shipped, but it hasn't. I sent them an email - NO REPLY. I even posted on their Facebook page, hoping to get a reply - they DELETED my post and made it where I couldn't comment on their page. Still have not heard back from them. In this day and age this is UNACCEPTABLE.