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Gym Membership Complaints & Reviews

Gym Membership - Pennsylvania, Somerset / have not used membership over a year

NoGood43 on Aug 16, 2015

I have not used my membership for over a year, because they said it was a 24hour gym, tried to get in on night 3 or 4 times, could not get in, so I quit going have not heard from them over a year, about money, they saw I was not going so they quit taking money out of my account, then I get a letter in the mail from ABC Financial that they started to money out of my account, the only thing is that I lost my job on 4/30/15, so I have no money coming in, I have to find a phone to call them

Gym Membership - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Cancellation not processed

SSSarah on Apr 14, 2014

Golds Gym held my husband to his one year contract even though he was called into active duty. When he stopped paying his monthly dues, his account was handed to a collections agency. When contacted by the agency he paid in full what they were calling to collect to fulfill the one year agreement. He advised the agency he did not want to continue a membership with Golds Gym. The agency said nothing about him needing to contact Golds Gym directly. Two years later he received a call from the same collections agency stating that his contract was not cancelled and he owed another two years worth of...

Gym Membership - Maine, Portland / Rude managers/lack of ownership

Brimarie on Mar 20, 2013

I had an issue when I tried to cancel my account. The manager Lauren Turner (condescending, rude and judgmental) refused to help me cancel my account so I contacted corporate who said they could not do anything but would have a franchise owner call me. I waited a week and heard nothing so I called the portland branch again getting a different manager (which is funny because when I asked Lauren if there was ANYONE else but her i could speak with she said no). His name is Ben. Ben appeared to be extremely helpful and cancelled my membership and since I had recently lost my job and knew my bank...

Gym Membership - Texas, Sugar Land / Cancellation Denial

Afahim on Oct 14, 2012

I asked Lifetime Fitness to Cancel my membership and I submitted a written request in person to the membership services desk. The Membership representative took the request and guaranteed that I fulfilled the requirement, no other actions are required on my end, and the cancellation will be activated in 30 days. When the 30 days period passed, I found out that Lifetime was still charging my credit card for the monthly service. I contacted them to address the issue, but they denied ever receiving my cancellation request and were very rude when i argued that I submitted it in person. They did...

Gym Membership - Utah, Tooele / billing


A person Named Nancy Park called me and I explained to her that mu spouse and i are on unemployment and cannot affod any membership payments at this time and that we are continually harrassed by Paramount Acceptance to that end. Of course that made no impact upon her and I explained to her again that we as consumers have rights and that includes being harrassed via telephone continually. She bgan to lose her composure when I mentioned the Attorney Generals office and Federal Trade Commission complaints that were coming her way... people are suffering out here without jobs and important life...

Gym Membership - Oregon, McMinnville / Worst customer service experience ever!

I was a member of Anytime Fitness for over two years. I paid for my membership by automatic withdrawal. I moved from the McMinnville area and tried to close my membership. I was told I had to give TWO months notice in writing before they would stop taking payments from my checking account. This letter had to be received by the club before the 1st of the month. I talked to the Anytime Fitness in Albany and they said that if I worked out exclusively in the Albany club my membership would transfer. I worked out exclusively in Albany from September 2009 until February 2010. Meanwhile McMinnville wa...

Gym Membership - Michigan / Failure to Honor a Binding Agreement!!! Suit Action

*READ THIS!!! GOOD INFORMATION BELOW!!! A MUST READ FOR FITNESS USA ! BAD REVIEW This happens to be my first negative review of a company and I am very disappointed in the service I have received from this company. After paying 1400 dollars and barely ever going there; they are trying to throw my contract in the trash and tell me it is over. *I just called Fitness USA's corporate office today, about my membership that they had for some reason CANCELED! I tried to calmly explain my situation the to the lady(NIKKI) and she immediately got very rude with me (It was really disturbing) and...

Gym Membership - Idaho, Garden City / Account Charges/Cancellation


My mother purchased a 1 year membership as a Christmas Gift, she canceled and they have continued to charge her credit card. We have called, gone in person, called the corp offices. Now they are sending me invoices and I never even signed an agreement or paperwork w/them...the membership was a gift!!! I would never sign up w/them again nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Gym Membership - Connecticut, Stratford / ABC Financial

I made the costly mistake of joining the Fitness Edge in Stratford, CT. This company uses ABC Financial to collect their membership dues. I joined last December at one of those booths that they had set up in the Trumbull Mall. Well I should have taken the time to read their contract before I joined because they have a lot of gotcha's that they don't disclose at the time you sign up. For example: I used a debit card to pay my membership each month which was $21.20 per month and didn't have a problem for the first 9 months but then the magnetic strip on the back of the card...