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Gryphon Financial Complaints & Reviews

Gryphon Financial - Florida, Ft Lauderdale Fl 33335 / Affiliation of law firm to Gryphon Financial


Due to the fact that Gryphon Financial aka Gryphon Daily was served with court papers by the S.E.C. in cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York and the U.S. Postal service and all of those working for Gryphon were arrested and all of the funds of Gryphon and the individuals were frozen by court order, the affiliation that the law firm Adorno & Yoss LLP had by responding to the responses of another person on your web site from one of their two offices in Ft. Lauderdale, FL there is going to be an investigation by the U.S. Attorney into what type of agreement and connection...

Gryphon Financial - New York, Suffern / Fraud


They are quite a scam…I am Man enough to admit this was a terrible choice I made & they are a complete fraud. I realized 1000’s of dollars later…They do not answer the phones anymore….They claim to invest in good options/stocks but they really have no research dept with any people of any value...Can we all do something & unite to get some of our money back? S Perlysky- Airmont, NY (Rockland County)

Gryphon Financial - New York, New York / Terrible experience


I subscribed by mail to a news letter and then was contacted by an individual who said they would (for an additional fee help me make some good trades.) He would be very excited and I was to follow directions. several times he was upset if he thought I was trading on my own, which I was. the trades that he gave me that I didn't make money on where obvious trades that I initiated on my own. In honesty, I learned from the experience because I did the research on the trades. I wish that I had followed my gut on actually using his advice. because 90% of the tip were not good tips. Last time we...

Gryphon Financial / I'm just going to put them where they belong


They claim 82% or better track record so far I've lost 82% and much much more. No wonder they have a no return policy. To be fair out I've been given at least 13 picks to date, only one seems to be decent, and even it is rapidly decaying in value. Since their alert or take action line comes on daily or whenever basis I seriously believe I'm just going to put them where they belong; in my virtual trade account where they can do no harm. I am going to take action by simply letting this subscription run out.