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Grove Dodge Complaints & Reviews

Grove Dodge - Alberta, Spruce Grove / Unreturned $2000 deposit

Mar 28, 2015

My husband and I put a $2000 deposit on a Jeep Wrangler this past Sunday March .22... For reasons including poor customer care as well as financials we decided to back out of the deal.. Grove Dodge is refusing to give us back the deposit! Would you allow someone to steal $2000 out of your pocket? The worst is we just bought a 2013 dodge ram from them 2 years ago with a good experience and this is how they treat their repeat customers! We are loyal dodge customers, and will continue to buy . Please take your hard earned cash to a different dealership We have been in contact with Dodge Canada head office, as well have started a claim with AMVIC.. Please don't make the same mistake

Grove Dodge - Alberta, Spruce Grove / New Vehicle

Jul 29, 2013

My sister in-law just pick up her new Jeep Compass tonight. The salesman did his best to do a proper vehicle inspection. However a number of visible defects were noted after my sister in-law bought her vehicle to my home to show us. The first thing I noticed was the 2 dents in the rear passenger side door. So I took a closer look and discovered numerous scares and paint chips. The front bumper had paint missing for about 13 inches along the passenger side. I can go on about the defects but that was only a small part of it. I went back to the dealership with my sister in-law to deal with the...

Grove Dodge - Alberta, Spruce Grove / Unreturned deposit

Jan 03, 2012

My husband and I went to purchase a vehicle and agreed on a certain set of terms. When we went to sign the papers they had us sign the bill of sale first, which seemed fine because the numbers looked right. The next page, however, was a shocker. They had added a year to our term and up the percentage rate and payment amount. We killed the deal and they won't return our deposit. Every entity that we have complained to has been lied to and each one has gotten a different story. I fortunately have a copy of all the lies and AMVIC has it all now. I encourage anyone with bad dealings with...