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Greenspring Publishing Complaints & Reviews

Greenspring Publishing / Scam!!!


I submitted a poem to and was contacted a few weeks late by Greenspring Publishing. At that point in time I was uaware of this scam and gave permission to publish my peom. However, I did not purchase a copy of the book but from what I am hearing I should be worried about my poem. I take pride in my three previous publications with a different company and was proven that I can trust them as publishers. Greenspring publishing is not only a fraud but it is a disgrace to the poets that try to publish and those who do not. Poetry is not something that should be used in scams especially when those publishing are young poets.

Greenspring Publishing / my poem


I had 2 poems "published" by them. I was also supposed to receive a copy of the book. The poems that I had written were to appear in an anthology. I have been looking for that book for months now, just trying to see if i would be recognized for my work. The book never came out and my poems now can be copied and others can be credited for my work. It is unfair for scam artists to take what is not there's. My work means alot to me and so does my future as a poet. But because of this i will be more worried when it comes to me submitting a poem. I just wish and wonder if there is a company that will recongize me now..

Greenspring Publishing - Maryland, Baltimore / Poetry Anthology Scam


I responded to an unsoliticted email from GREENSPING PUBLISHING requesting permission to include a poem I had written (for a different organization) in their upcoming anthology. I granted permission and ordered three copies of the anthology. I submitted $39.50 for the books and received them about three months later. The quality of the "anthology" was disgusting and unprofessional. Excess dried glue was slathered between the back/ front paperback covers and the content pages. EVERY poem was CROOKED on the page. This project was an INSULT to publishers everywere and to the poets who submitted...

Greenspring Publishing - Maryland, Greenspring / submission of a poem


I submitted a poem to on 2/19/09. On 5/19/09, I received a letter from Greenspring Publishing explaining to me that they wanted to publish the poem I submitted in a anthology series called "Whispers". I tried to contact Greenspring Publishing through the number they gave and the website. The website was not valid and no one called me back. I believe that my work could be exploited without my permission. I also think that the company is fake. Please let me know. Greenspring is saying that I need to send money to receive a copy of the collection. Please find out something for me.