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Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP Complaints & Reviews

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP - Florida, Fort Myers / Kevin A. Kyle, Steals money from FGCU Students

Jul 28, 2012

Dear Sirs and Madams, We regretfully have to notify the public that Mr. Kevin A. Kyle ( Green Schoenfeld and Kyle ) Have stolen millions from Florida Gulf Coast University, By way of The Mary Giglia Johnson Scholarship Fund for Hispanic Women in Business Ethics, Through criminal enterprise and unethical wrong doings. We have tried to deal with this man for a number of years and have come to the conclusion that he if basically just a thief and needs to be dealt with. This also includes his partners, Robert Carl Kelly, Vivian Johnson, Herbert Leo Johnson the Third and Krista Johnson. All that...

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP - Florida, Fort Myers / Extortion


Kevin Kyle has has told me that if one of his clients dose not keep his mouth shut about what he does, he will have them taken care of. I do not know what he ment by " Taken care of " but it sounds like he would bring either great harm to this person with physicial harm or use the legal system to hurt him. This guy Kevin A. Kyle is someone that needs to be looked at by the law. Where ever the law is. It does not seems to be in Florida. I think Kevin has been cought and is waiting to be arested. I can only hope. We could only hope that a man like this will be off the streets and out of the...

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP - Florida, Fort Myers / The Morgan Stanley, Chase Bank Murderder


The subject controversy about Kevin Kyle and his Partners, is the murder of a women named Mary Giglia Johnson. According to documents it seems as if Mr.Kyles Estate is more like a contract for the murder of Mary. Mary was found dead in the parking lot of her Mother's nursing home. As the news paper said from an apparent heart attack. Having said this the emergency room visit shows that it was a blunt trauma to the left side of her head. These medical records have now been altered to hide the obvious murder. When her son requested an autopsy he was threatened and severely beaten by the...

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP - Florida, Fort Myers / FRAUD


I am glad to see I am not the only one that knows about the great ### Kevin A. Kyle. It appears that there is a pattern here of fraud with this guy and his known colleagues. It appears that Kevin likes to obtain forgeries and falsify documents to his best interest. He looks for the weakest members of a family and works closely with other and lawyers to steal. This guy needs to go. I also advise anyone else considering this Law Firm for Estate reasons or any other reasons not to do so. He is a thief and a seasoned untruth teller. I am sure that one day he will be punished for the havoc he has caused me and some other families.

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP - Florida, Fort Myers / Murder and Fraud


This law firm has committed crimes both on a Capital and Federal level. Fort Myers holds a lot of wealthy people that have their estates created in The Lee County area. There is a pattern here of Fraud, Banking Fraud, SEC Fraud, and conspiracies. It is in my opinion that this law firm should be closed down and it's lawyers should be put on trial and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In no way should this law firm be in operation. You do not trust anything they say to you, and do not sign anything they ask. If you happen to get involved with this firm, it is just better to walk...