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Great Lakes Circulation Complaints & Reviews

Great Lakes Circulation - Colorado / Update


I uploaded a complaint a while back regarding these people and I saw today that a few other people had similar experiences (along with receiving an email a while back). Well, it's time for an update. In my last complaint I explained the long process I have gone through trying to get my $71 back from this stupid company. How they kept claiming that I was doing something wrong (therefore had not actually canceled), but had also not sent me any magazines (which, if I supposedly had not canceled, shouldn't I be getting my magazine?). Well, as of today, January 1, 2009 I have received 2...

Great Lakes Circulation - Colorado, Evergreen / Refund


I agreed to order a magazine from a girl who was trying to get points toward a trip. She told me that I could order, give her the check, then cancel my order (by following the instructions on the back of my receipt) and my money would never be taken. She said that she still received points, even if I did cancel the magazine subscription and that, if I didn't order with her, then I would be bothered non-stop by other groups trying to do the same thing. Yes, it probably was stupid to listen, but one of my friends who was there had dealt with this same group before and he said that it wa...