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GRAHAM NOBLE AND ASSOCIATES - Illinois / Suspicious Company


This company called my house with the name of my ex-sister-in-law. (They have been divorced for over 10 years). They left her name, partial social security number, a "case number", and threatened to file suit in a county I do not even reside in if this matter wasn't dealt with. The generic "Mr. Littlejohn" was the employee that supposedly left the message. (Perhaps Mr. Smith wasn't available?) He claimed to be able to be reached @ 877-793-6742 extension 183 but when you call the number you get another generic name: "Ms. Taylor"'s extension. And although it says you can pre...

GRAHAM NOBLE AND ASSOCIATES - New York, Buffalo / That I owed money


A month ago I received a call and a message was left on my cell phone and they went ahead and called my moms house too. They told my mom that if I would not call them in 24 hours I would be sent a summons for court and that I would be sent to jail. I called them and they told me the same thing, so I gave them all my information of my debit card; but then I looked it up in the internet and I found out it was just a scam. I went to my bank and cancelled my debit card now they are stating that I will be charged with felony charges and that i will go to federal jail

GRAHAM NOBLE AND ASSOCIATES - New York, Buffalo / Illegally trying to collect a debt


A few months ago, my mother was contacted by "Inspector Bernstein" at her home. He left a message on her machine with all of my personal information and threatened to have me taken to court if I didn't contact them within 24 hours. I had not lived at home since I was 18 (11 years ago), and I never used that as a contact number. I originally fell for their stupid trick of telling me that if I didn't agree to pay the amount of $2000 (which they were willing to split up over a few payments), then charges would be pressed against me and I would have to be in court within 10 days. Well, I...