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Golden Circle Complaints & Reviews

Golden Circle / Fraud and scam


This company takes a van full of young men and vacume cleaners in a neighborhood. There is a young lady who goes door to door and asks if we want our rugs or furniture cleaned for free. She say Kirby does this so they can earn college credits. When we say yes, she calls on the phone and a van drops someone off in 15 minutes. When she gives us the paper for our free cleaning that is when we realize we have to watch the demonstration. She told my neighbor it takes a half hour. They drop these kids off and leave them for two hours. I asked him to speed it up so I could start my supper, but he...

Golden Circle - Connecticut, Southington / Scam and cheating!


I was so frustrated in my career of waitressing. I came across an add that suggested no college degree, training provided. So, I called. Guaranteed 475 a week.Yeah right! I was promised 475 a week plus paid vacations, bonuses, the whole nine yards. BUT that first weekend I had to sell to my friends and family. #1 I did not sign up for sales the add stated customer service. I thought I would be answering phones. That is customer service last I checked.Needless to say, I busted my ### that weekend with the promise of 200 dollar's per sale. Selling this 2000 dollar machine that noone I...