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Gloria Vanderbilt Complaints & Reviews

Gloria Vanderbilt / amanda jeans

Mar 14, 2018

I have been purchasing Amanda Jeans for quite some time and have noticed that the tan/khaki ones over time develop a pucker by the pocket and across the front. These are really nice jeans, but I will have to look for another kind because the last 2 pairs of khaki ones I have purchased did the same thing. As you can see in the pictures, there is puckering going on. It looks as though the fabric has been stretched. I wear a size 6, and am not wearing them skin tight to induce stretching.

Gloria Vanderbilt / sequins all falling off jordyn skimmer capri pants

Jul 30, 2017

I've purchased many Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, capri pants, and shorts, and I really like the fit and material; However, the Gloria Vanderbilt Jordyn Skimmer capri pants have a problem with the "bling" on the back pockets...the sequins are all falling off. Whatever glue or process they use to attach them does not work. Since the sequins were falling off prior to washing them, I knew they needed extra protection during the wash and dry cycles, so I turned them inside out. That didn't help. Sequins were found in the washer and dryer, & there are very few left on the Jordyn capri pants, even though I've only worn them once and washed & dried them once.

Gloria Vanderbilt / Length of the short size has grown by 1 to 2 inches

Feb 21, 2016

I have been buying Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans short for many, many years. They are the only jeans that I do not have to shorten. I am 5 feet even. Size 14 Short fit perfectly and I always buy them at Kohls. Except the last pair I bought online from Kohls did not fit in length - they were about an inch longer. So thinking it was a fluke, I took them back to the store to exchange. I took 6 pairs of size 14 short to the dressing room. Not one of them fit in length. I went into the store wearing one of my 14 short Amanda jeans and they fit perfectly and since I have been buying them for year...