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Global Connections Complaints & Reviews

Global Connections - New York, Florida / Bad properties, no availability

Feb 9, 2015

We have owned our Global Connections timeshare for 4 years and have used it once. The property we were put in was old, dirty, and out of a bad movie. We have repeatedly looked on their site and requested the "new" properties (13 mos in advance which is all you can do) and they are never available. They offer us the old/dingy properties which we decline. If you don't mind staying in 1970/80 timeshares that people have sold because they upgraded to nicer/newer buildings- than this is for you. If you would like a clean fresh friendly vacation destination- check out another club, not Global Connections!

Global Connections - Florida, Ormond Beach / Scam

Oct 28, 2014

Let me shed some light here. Used to work for this place, at the distributor in Florida. My job was to defend this indefensible product to the members who called up by the droves to complain. Look at these facts; Global claims to own 530 properties; a huge lie. It's around 119, give or take. Of those 119, maybe 30 are places you may actually like. More so, some locations they only own 1-2 floors or partial resort. Global has leases & manages properties all over the globe & can get you into any timeshare: Global does have leases. trouble is, they can't renew all of them. A place you...

Global Connections / Im Happy With My Membership

Sep 13, 2014

I just wanted to let everyone know that my husband and I joined Global Connections 2 years ago and it was the BEST thing we've ever done. Our first trip was to San Diego to go to the famous San Diego zoo. The room we had was Huge! It cost exactly what they said it would. The only thing I didn't like was the tilling they had in the bathroom. It was hideous lol. But that's not global's fault. Bad interior designing. However the memories we created and the money we saved was well worth it. The second trip was to Panama City beach. It was beautiful. The kids really liked the...

Global Connections - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / Not getting what we were promised

Jul 10, 2012

My husband and I had almost the exact experience as the complaint above. We bought 18 vacations; tried for 3 different vacations (over the past year) and so far they have not come thru. I am currently trying to get a refund thru the BBB of Oklahoma. At this point they want to keep $1875 (of almost $5000) for their marketing expenses!! Well, we never took the "free cruise", that was not free at all. I would have had to take 5 vacation days to stay on a boat for 2 nights, not worth it. So, they did not accrue expenses for that from us. Also, we got a $100 card which we still have...

Global Connections / Misrepresentation of services

Oct 15, 2011

My husband I purchased 3 weeks from Global after sitting through their presentation in Mansfield, MA We had intended on going for the free (or not so free gift, a cruise and air fare, which we are still awaiting reimbursement for 3 months now. Before and after the presentation we had sat down with their represenatives for a lengthy amount of time. We told them our travel needs, looking for a 3 bedroom for the family and they assured us they had available 1-3 bedroom resorts in the carribbean which was our preferred destination to travel. AFTER we signed the documents they handed us their...

Global Connections / Fraudulent company


For the promise of a free 3 or 4 day cruise plus free airfare for two, my wife and I attended a high-pressure sales pitch near Washington DC. The 'free' vacation required that we pay $35 'registration fee' each, which we did. We then got a registration packet that required another $4.95 to be sent to PTS Travel. We did that and got back our 'registration activation' which requires us to send another registration fee of $100. The terms and conditions on the registration form in small print made it clear that it's virtually impossible to book a cruise (90 day...