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Gerhards Appliances Complaints & Reviews

Gerhards Appliances / Box Left on Street after Delivery

May 29, 2011

Last week, my husband purchased a dishwasher at Gerhard's Appliances in Glenside, PA. This morning two men delivered it to my home. What I didn't know, until my neighbor across the street called me, was that they left the box on the sidewalk up the street from me. I immediately called Gerhards to report this and to find out if this is their usual practice. They told me the men would come back and get it. My husband said if they didn't come back soon, they could come get the dishwasher. Is this what's called customer service?

Gerhards Appliances / Worst service

May 24, 2011

I purchased five appliances w/service plan from Gerhards Appliances in Doylestown, PA and they are the worst at following up; returning phone calls, lied about parts being ordered to get me off the phone, basically said its not their problem I bought a $3, 000 refrigerator from them, waiting over a week for a response. The service department is run by Bob the *** and his tech team of losers and liers. Do I really need to go on? Never, ever, will I buy from them again! Unless of course I want false promises, incompetence, below grade products and poor service.

Gerhards Appliances / They are the worst of the worst


Kitchenaid refrig repair. Listened well on first visit, pleasant serviceman. Returned, did a nice job replacing a part after speaking to the mfg as I requested. No complaint so far. But, the next day the fix failed. I placed 3 calls in three days, none of which were returned. On one call I spoke to the service manager that had all the concern of a rock. He never followed up as he had promised to do. The 3 women that answer the phones were curt, and unhelpful. I spoke to the owner/GM, Linda. She informed me that they did me a favor by servicing a Kitchenaid they had not sold me...I had bought a...