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Futurlec Complaints & Reviews



Dear Sirs, The following are the information regarding the order sent to FUTURLEC from ATEC WATER DESIGN, Dubai.(Updated from their web site on 01.07.2010) Order Information Order Number: A173342 Order Date: 2010-06-02 Order Status: Order Entered Shipping Information Shipping Date: Shipping Company: Receipt Number: Tracking Information: Expected Arrival Date: Plz refer to the attachment. This will explain you the subject and we wish to inform the concerned authority regarding the false information about the stock staus and leading to retrieve the money from ordering company and not complying with the norm of on line shopping. Regards, KM. Mohan FOR ATEC WATER DESIGN E mail-([email protected])

Futurlec / Bad service


I read on a forum that these guys were pretty good. I thought I'd give them a try. This has to be one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with online. I thought I could deal with the 1998 looking website since they're so cheap. They have an incredibly vague ordering process that in no way warns you how long you're going to have to wait before your items ship out. I ordered about 60 dollars worth 2 weeks ago and nothing has even shipped. I might not be that upset if I had been notified or given some kind of an estimate as to when they'll ship. The only thing their...