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Fulfillment Center Complaints & Reviews

Fulfillment Center / Charged for nonordered product


Hi, my name is Sister Catherine Luu, would like to inform you that 0n November 17, 2009 I checked out your website and was interested in ordering an Acai Pure Risk Free Trial diet supplement, hoping that the trial offer would help control my diet. I received the product in the mail on November 20, 2009, tried it the first day and unfortunately it did not work for me, I had an immediate reaction, nauseated and having an upset stomach. I waited 2-3 days for my stomach to settle and decided to get in touch with you to cancel my membership. I called many times but all the calls were monitored...

Fulfillment Center - Florida, Largo / Order i didn't authorize


I cancelled this awhile ago and they are sending me this product and charging it to my credit card. I will stop this from being charged by contacting my credit union. I am sending this shipment back. Peggy l. Jeffries

Fulfillment Center - Florida, Largo / fraud/unauthorized charges


This "Lifestyle Program" was offered to "try for shipping only $4.95. Instead came multiple shipments charged and there is no way to get hold of them. I spent alot of time on "hold" (telephone) and pushed the right buttons to have this cancelled (I thought) and today I get another shipment with $44.90 charges. The paperwork says they will not refund if sent back without RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)'s impossible to get to a person. What to do?

Fulfillment Center / Unauthorized billing


I responded to a Free offer on line for acai berry pills to try. All I had to pay was $1.00 S&H . I gave them my debit card number for the dollar charge, received the pills which were for my daughter to try; never gave this another thought because my daughter decided she didn't want to try theses pills. I bank online and on Oct 24, I see a charge for $90.02 which I could not account for. I called the bank and they gave me th phone number of the folks who received the money. I called them to see who they were and that's when I found out they were the group who offered the free...

Fulfillment Center - Florida, Largo / Falsely mailed and billed me $44.85 for unwanted health pills that never were told or dsiplayed to me


i have been robbed and they falsely billed me for undesired items that they falsely billed and mailed to me. They violated my Mastercard. Order Acai Pure Trail that was listed on the Net for a free trial with a $9.95 shipping fee. Erroneously I wasn't thinking and gave my card number over the Net and then they mailed me two other unknown and unwanted products and billed me a total of another $44.85 on my Mastercard. Their invoice : Acai Pure Trail $0.00 HOODIBURST Gum $9.95 HOODIAWATER $29.95 Shipping $4.95 Order Total $44.85 They owe me a credit of $44.85 and no more billing on my charge. Please help - Howard L Samuels