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Frater Dantalion Complaints & Reviews

Frater Dantalion / Spell Scam


I ordered his most expensive spell which costs £1250.00 in March 2008. No results to date. Same story as the other poor sods he's suckered: When contacted, he suggested other spells and to "think positive" LOL, contradicting his own claims on his website. Of course you're not to speak to anyone about the spell (eg. on a public platform) which would break it. Very tidy. Avoid at all cost.

Frater Dantalion / Scammer


This man is nothing but a very clever con man who uses a very impressive web site to con unhappy people out of their money. I have had 2 spells to get my ex lover back cast by this man neither of which has worked. The first was in December last year and he said that positive results would come within 2 months but nothing changed. The second (his most expensive spell) was 'cast' earlier this year and for a start he got the name of the person i wanted back totally wrong (not a very auspicious start) and when i corrected him he was almost rude in his reply. This spell also did not work...

Frater Dantalion - England, Bedfordshire, Bedford / taking money for so called spell casting


I have given this man around £125 to perform a spell. The spell did not work, and when I aksed for further help he then told me that I would have to purchase another spell. He is a rip-off and has taken money fraudulantly from me.