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Forrester UK Holdings LLC Complaints & Reviews

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Harassment for non existent debt

Jul 30, 2014

Jan 31/2014 : I notified Forrester via email that their services were no longer required and my contract was legally terminated on Feb 28 as I was retiring. Feb 04/2014 : Payment for the month of February was debited from my Bank account; Mar 01/2014 : Hypercom POS machine was shipped to Forrester. Mar 04/2014 : Hypercom POS machine was received by Forrester. Forrester then invoiced me for the month of March. I declined to pay this as I was no longer under contract to them and the machine had been returned. To date they have escalated this initial £18 invoice to £108. Despite many...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Harassment by Forrester UK Holdings

Jan 04, 2014

I closed my retail shop in January 2013. Since then I have been trying to return my credit card terminal. I have found Forrester UK Holdings to be impossible to contact. I receive threatening phone calls from a dreadful woman in America on my mobile phone, usually when driving or shopping when it is impossible to have a conversation. In any case even if I wanted a proper conversation the woman is impossible to speak to, as she will not listen, just rudely talks over me in a bullying way. I can't even remember how I ever signed up with such an appalling company. Certainly if I'd known...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC - England, Wiltshire, Salisbury / Demand for payment

May 11, 2011

The demand relates to a card reading machine, returned in December 2010. The demand is for a continuing rental, despite a number of telephone calls advising the return and cancellation of the agreement

Forrester UK Holdings LLC - England, West Yorkshire / Harrassment for non-existent debts


In 2003 my business, a small one which I run with my wife, acquired a card terminal through Lloyds TSB leased by Hypercom. Hypercom's leasing activities were sold to Forrester and after four years (in July 2007) we would no longer be liable to penalty for terminating the lease. A little later the bank started pushing us to cancel the lease in favour of one with another company which was partly owned by them. The bank has treated us well and went as far as they reasonably and legally could to warn us of Forrester's likely reaction, so what ensued was no surprise. We were bound to...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / lack of contact


im am really annoid that i cant get any answers from any one about a cancellation letter which was sent a few months ago. and today no one is answering the phone, there supposed to be a guy called stanley gebre helping to resolve the matter but do u think he has replied to any emails, no he hasnt. this company is a load of crap with cancellation. there quick enough to contact you when they want there money. my advice to any one find another company.

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Fraudulent claims for money


Despite returning equipment and paying all fees for equipment rental up to end of the contract, Forrester UK Holdings llc are still chasing me for money they say I owe them. Despite having signed for receipt of the returned equipment sent to the address supplied by Casper from Forresters, they are now denying all knowledge of having had the equipment returned. It was sent registered to their UK address and it was signed for. They now claim I owe them £600+ for this equipment which we were told by their agent is now obsolete in design and cannot be used again. They have appointed a UK...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Legal Notice letters


We started to receive debt collection letters from the above. We wrote back to them to tell them they had the wrong address only for legal notices to arrive. I have since phoned the phone number on the letter, spoke with an American, explained the distress this was causing and to change/update their database. I only hope the take heed to my pleas.

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Debt collection problems


My wife & I bought a house in December 2006. We have received excessive letters regarding equipment that previous owners had with this company. Despite confirming in writing that we purchased the property recently, we still receive letters to recover a debt from the previous owner!