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Flamingo Financing Company Complaints & Reviews

Flamingo Financing Company - Florida, Sunrise / I JUST WANT A PAY OFF FAXED


First let me say this is not the first problem I have encountered with Flamingo Financing... Now I have a different problem, I want to Re-Finance my loan. I need a 10 Day Pay Off faxed with the company's info & contact information. Doesn't seam to difficult! After all, all Flamingo Financing wants it their money, right! Well, I guess not... I personally have called 10+ times & as soon as I tell them what I need, I'm hung up on! I even resorted to crying from start to finish & I finally got an answer...

Flamingo Financing Company - Florida, Sunrise / Terrible service


I said it, 'They Are At Fault!' First you should know I make my payment through my personal bank's online bill pay (as I live 60 miles from the nearest 'Flamingo Office' & my bank's main branch is across town from it) which is set up to pay my payment by my due date every month. 4 months & everything went perfect until... Flamingo for whatever reason (they refuse to tell me) changed the address for mailed payments to their parent/sister company Car Plaza Inc in Sunrise, FL but didn't mail me notice until 8 days before my due date! (they are not linked to my bank...

Flamingo Financing Company / Rude and harassing CSR's!


Flamingo Financing Company - I have Flamingo Financing as my financing company,they have the most rudest CSR's working there, i called one day to get my balance, it always seems like there adding money on your account, your account is never at a zero balance. Seriously! I called and talked to a Perez, THEY DONT EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE WITH A PLEASANT GREETING THEY SAY WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY, he was very,very rude to me and he hung up in my face, they dont listen at all to what you have to say. I called back and talked to a representative that didn't even want to...