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First Bank Of Delaware Complaints & Reviews

First Bank Of Delaware - Pennsylvania, Penn / Excessive Chargers

JamesFr on Jan 19, 2015

I had this credit card for two years, we got it when our credit was sub-par, I have always paid it on time and to thank me they give you a credit increase BUT charge you another $100.00 for a $300.00 increase. They also charge you to pay your bill. $10.95 a month, $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, 29% APR, and $89.99 a year user fee. To sum it up...if you don't use the credit card at all it's still going to cost you over $30.00 a month for it to sit in your wallet. Eventually if it's your first credit card they have trapped you into keeping it to upkeep your credit score history. What can I do to get the fees back? Please help!

First Bank Of Delaware / Decieving

Peter J on May 9, 2011

We ordered the special trial offer for the e-Bay Success System, for only $1.95 shipping. Not only did nothing arrive, the charge did not even hit our account for a week. When it did it also included an additional charge -- and an additional international transfer fee of a couple of dollars. When my wife called the Customer Service number she waited on hold for 35 minutes. The music in the background while on hold was some jazzed up Indian style music. While she did that I tried to find more information about the company. The domain name is registered through, and the actual...

First Bank Of Delaware - Alabama / Robbery


First Bank of Delaware gives payday loans and the first two loans were great because I was able to pay them off within three weeks of getting my loan. The las time I had some set backs and and this wasn't the case. I borrowed $750 and made first four payments and missed one and then it went south. They began randomly withdrawing money after I expressed that I needed a couple more days. This in turn set me negative and I incurred insufficient fund fees. Do not borrow from them, they will not work with you and it will feel like you're being robbed. It was like they had eyes on my...

First Bank Of Delaware - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / they took my money

they took my money out of my account, they did not havr the right. It was 149.00 dollars. i want it back.

First Bank Of Delaware - Delaware / First bank of delaware is a ripoff

This place is such a rippoff not only due they charge like 300% intrest they ask you to send all your information like a hundred times. i must have emailed them 20 times sending them the same stuff over and over. Not only that but they cancelled my application so it was a complete waste of time do not go through this bank it is a huge scam and ripoff

First Bank Of Delaware / Harassment


10/25/08 Tribute enclosed a return envelope with the wrong address in a recent statement. A letter followed saying to send it to a different address, yet that address was the same one as the return envelope. I did not realize this until after my payments were sent. They now claim they never received my money orders which I had traced showing they cashed them. They call up to 10 times a day and harass me about not making my payments and to pay up because I now have late fees. Late fees for payments that were sent on time and they received but yet they insist they never received. I will no...

First Bank Of Delaware - Delaware, Delaware / Harassing phone calls!

Someone keeps calling and telling me I have been preapproved for a First Bak of Delaware Mastercard. The woman calls nearly every day. I will be notifying the Attorney General and the Delaware Fraud Devision.

First Bank Of Delaware - Delaware, Wilmington / Scam and cheating!


An immediate family member received an application several weeks ago from Continental Finance Company, LLC, an affiliate of First Bank of Delaware. I watched him shred the application (as we have taught him to do with most documents for security reasons). He never acknowledged nor applied for the outrageously expensive card. ($200 activation fee for a $300 credit card limit PLUS a $50 service fee and thereafter a $12 per month 'service fee)! Despite the fact that he never engaged this company, today, in the mail came a invoice from this shyster organization. He has written them a certified...