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First Advantage Complaints & Reviews

First Advantage / Failed to correct background inquiry

Feb 12, 2014

This company is exactly like Experian, Transunion and that their sole purpose is to generate revenue selling information on people. They do so with utter disregard for the truth. The could care less about the accuracy of the information they’re selling…only how many people/companies they can sell it to! Case in point: A background check was done on my wife in late 2012 by a large international ministry. She was volunteering to keep children during a ladies bible study. We had absolutely not problem with the background check being done because parents need to have the...

First Advantage / Incorrect background

Oct 12, 2011

Long story short I missed out on over 2 months of work with overtime because this company called me a convicted felon when in fact I am not. I cleared it all up but it was not easy. I had to prove to them Than I never had any felony conviction. I did so. Then I had to wait for them to decide to fix their error. While I waited 2 month went by. Finally I went to work as a non-felon (which I was all along) only to be laid off 2 weeks later because all of the work was done. I am a union painter and when there is work you jump on it. This unprofessional company really did me an injustice. I have...