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Jul 16, 2017

I hired this company to write a customized business plan for $2400.00 based on a sample Mr. Butler sent me with gorgeous graphics and a conversation we had where I explained to him that I was choosing him rather than paying $500 for template because I wanted his professional help determining accurate numbers to plug into the financials. It would have been professionally accurate for him to tell me at that time that: 1. His company didn't supply any of the graphics; graphics other than financial graphs were my responsibility. But he didn't. It would have also been appropriate, I believe, for him to..., Butler Consultants / Weak Business Plan, Waste of Money

Mar 21, 2013

I bought a business plan writing service from Brian Butler at Butler Consultants, and what I got was nothing more than a template. They just cut and paste my materials into a new format and charged me over $1000 for it. Brian tried to be helpful but all he ended up doing was repeating "how do you want it different?" Well if I was paying over $1000 I kind of thought they would know themselves what was weak in the language. I paid over $1000 to be told I had to write my own plan with their template! I got fet up trying to get a solution. Answer this Brian-- why are...