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Financial Education Services Complaints & Reviews

Financial Education Services / Pay checks holds

Mar 19, 2012

I was supposed to get paid on Tuesday October 11, 2011; and it didn't happen becuse the owners had a problem that needed to be solved. So Les told me to come in on Friday October 14, 2011 and I did. Now this time when I came in he told me to come back between 3:30-4:00 pm and the checks will be there. So I came back and his new response was "They're not here yet" so I asked him "will they even be herre today?" And his response was probably not. Now I have a problem with this because I have things that need to get done, and they can not get done because this business is so...

Financial Education Services / No reimbursement

Nov 01, 2011

I canceled my service, was promised refund by my February billing statement. When it did not come I tried to call the girl who told me it would be there... she was no longer with the company, so I spoke with Ed Greer who found out it had never been processed, so he was to expedite the processing of my refund on [protected] and said it should be on my April statement. April statement is here, still no refund. I called Ed yesterday, 3/26/2010, he was with a customer and promised he would check into it and get back to me yesterday. He never did, so I called him today, [protected]. He told me he...