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FICKA & ASSOCIATES Complaints & Reviews

FICKA & ASSOCIATES - Florida / Harrassement


I was contacted by Ficka & Associates concerning a debt. I had filed bankruptcy and told the associates that. I continued to get letters from them. I gave them my attorneys name and number and they called her daily for two solid weeks. She called me on Friday, February 27 to inform me that she had talked to Ficka and Associates and told them to fax her over the necessary paperwork which they had not done. Therefore, I gave her the address of the company I owed locally. I was sent another letter by Ficka and Associates on Wednesday, informing me that further actions would be taken because my...



On October 13, 2008 Ficka & Associates sent my friend a letter that requests a payment of 340$ by October 27, 2008, which I am sure that I have payed. I ordered the supply for the business before I sold the store to my friend who bought the business from me approximately two and and a half years ago, yet now the business is asking for the money I already payed. I am suspecting that they are a fradulant company and taking advantage of forgotten incidents. It is time consuming and takes meticulous work to find the already paid for check for the payment two and a half years ago, which puts me into...