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fatima Complaints & Reviews

fatima / stupid supervisor

Nov 3, 2014

I complaining your supervisor ahmad to that store there was a time that I go to that store his talking to the phone long time I like to buy but he didnt approched me good im passing every morning to that store but I didnt see good attitude all the time he came late.i want coffee with my friends but its close i want you to monitor that supervisor.

fatima - Texas, McAllen / Proof of video

Oct 13, 2014

i have proofs of the video that my daughter not doing good with her behavior things that she not supposed to be like that because she only 5 year old and fatima gonzalez been brought the bad thing front of katie denson and kadence denson. i dont see any kadence get deveployment herself that fatima didint teach her how to sit up and anything for baby can get train for deveployment.. My bad lawyer(Jose Bravo) is not do it the job himself and not help my daughters and babygirl to get protect, he didint. the judges gave me wrong the lawyer. i have protected ordered for visit with kids. on Video...