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Faded Glory Jeans Complaints & Reviews

Faded Glory Jeans - California, Los Angeles / Odor

Jan 12, 2015

OMG!!! What the hell is that smell? Its not personal hygiene, these darn jeans I bought get worse with each wash! Not only did they bleed on the other clothes, but they caused the clothes to smell as well. When you dry them it gets worse and smells burnt. I think the Faded Glory company CEOs should be made to wear these clothes on a daily basis and smell their stinky product all day long, it is embarrassing to even be in public smelling like a walking sewer factory!!!

Faded Glory Jeans - Michigan, Menominee / Designs


Early this week I was in Walmart and found a nice pair of jeans for 15.00. The had a rhinestone design on the back pockets. Well when I wore them all the rhinestones fell off the pockets by the time i took then off 6hrs later. Why pay for the design if its not going to stay?

Faded Glory Jeans - New York, Plattsburgh / buttons fall off, rip near pockets


I have purchased 5 pair of Faded Glory Jeans, different sizes and colors. The button above the fly came out of the denim on three pair. The other two pair, they split near the back pocket. They were a perfect fit. In fact I couldnt have asked for a better fit. Then these flaws occur and I am out 5 pair of jeans. Of course after having them for a couple of months and thinking everything is A OK I threw out the receipts. I am disabled and I cannot afford to go out and replace these jeans. I have seen other complaints about this company, what happens with the complaints? Does anyone get satisfaction from...

Faded Glory Jeans - New Hampshire, North Conway / Bad odor


I bought a pair of faded glory black jeans from walmart and I thought it was a new pants odor that would wash out, but the odor will not go away and has made the clothes that I washed with them smell the same way. The jeans have been washed several times and the smell will not go away. The smell is too offensive to wear, I can not stand the smell and now the jacket that was washed with them is ruined. My daughter also bought a pair of faded glory black jeans at the same walmart and can not get rid if the smell, I am going to try to return them, but they have been washed several times to get rid...