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Executive Homes Realty Complaints & Reviews

Executive Homes Realty / FRAUD

Jun 07, 2013

Doing business with the Sabeh family? Check this review out. You will be glad you did. Lets see here. Drive by the office. Seems legit. Check out the website. Again seems legit. Ask a few local references. They check out okay. We all know not to judge a book by its cover. Everyone in Fremont knows or knows of the Sabeh family and their interaction with "high-end real estate, " especially in the Mission San Jose area. What they don't know is what goes on behind the honest front that has been put up by Joseph SR his wife Linda and their son Joseph JR. The Sabeh family has indeed...

Executive Homes Realty / Joseph and Linda Sabeh

Jun 01, 2013

Executive homes realty in Fremont california engages in unethical ponzi scheme by luring innocent folks to loan money, but will not return. Be AWARE and BE CAREFUL!! Innocent folks holding promisary notes from Executive Homes Realty, Joseph and Linda sabeh please raise your hand, contact the fremont police department