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Essentials For Home Complaints & Reviews

Essentials For Home - Maine, Hopkins / no website for $50.00 gift cards


I was told to log on in order to get $50.00 in gift cards. I tried but there was no Website for that address so I called the toll free number 1-866-46-0499. The representative took my information and said I would receive the gift cards in the mail. The reps. name is Marcus. This occurred on Sept. 22, 2010. The cancel number is 104213973.

Essentials For Home - Minnesota, Hopkins / Unauthorized Enrollment


I don't know how and when this company got my information and how they were able to take money from my account for 2 years. I only found out about now because I was having trouble paying for my son's college tuition. I called my bank, and they told me that all charges have been stopped due to a suspious charge on my account from Essentials for Home. I asked my Bank to give me the telephone number so I can call them. When I called to ask what was it that I was paying for, they told me that it was for them giving me information, books, and coupons for my household. I told them that I...

Essentials For Home - Florida, Coral Gables / unauthorized use of credit card


2 charges on my credit card from "Essentials for Home" of Coral Gables, Fl. Never heard of this company. I did speak with a sales rep from Cheap Trips. I have a membership with that company. He did state that I would be receiving a $25.00 gift card. I see other people were complaining about this gift card offer also. Could be these two companies are linked? Feels like slamming to me. Maybe the complaint should be about Cheap Trips also.

Essentials For Home - Minnesota, Hopkins / e-mail for gift card nonexistent


Sent out a new Membership letter with instructions on how to claim $50 in Gift Cards as promised for enrolling. Website to claim gift cards, per Membership letter, is non-existent. Is not possible to claim gift cards as stated in letter.

Essentials For Home - Minnesota, Hopkins / $25 dollar gift card


I received a letter on 10/31/08 indicating that an electronic signature had been received authorizing them to charge a membership fee of $16.95 to my credit card, due to an enrollment that I had made. I do not recall any of this. On the letter it states that if I want to change or cancel to call the following number (1-800-475-1942) which I did with no positive results. This letter is not even an original it's something more like a photo copy. I hope that schemes like this come to a STOP

Essentials For Home - Minnesota, Hopkins / i did not sign up for your service


I did not join your services.I did purhase a battery operated sweeper called THE SWIVEL SWEEPER, from a TELEVSION AD. I did not authourize any other charges except the purchase of the sweeper.Please take me off your listing as I have no desire to join your plan.Please contact me to verify that you will not bill my credit card Dante Saienni 904 269 7396

Essentials For Home / Can not cancel membership


I ordered a Stealth sound amplifier and was offered a $15.00 rebate but after clicking eyers, and finishing my oder I discovered that the rebate offer placed me on a trial membership to some Essentials for Home for 30 days. I immediately tried to call and cancel the membership but the line has been busy ever time and I have tried for several times to call. What can I do? The will start charging me in 30 days unless I cancel.