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Erik Lee Robinson Complaints & Reviews

Erik Lee Robinson - Maryland, Bowie / Took 975 From Me

Jul 09, 2014

Erik Lee Robinson is a crook. Went to a seminar and he talked us into investing 975 into our future as he says. He made such hype about clean energy but then he didn't deliver anything. He made out with our money and didn't educate us on what we were getting or what our next steps were. It was almost like we donated the money for nothing. I called him a few times but he never returned my phone calls. He says that he is an executive but that is a flat out lie. He is part of a MLM company that pays him based on who he sends under his downline. He doesn't own a company. He is just an affiliate and nothing more. Don't believe his hype or his lies.

Erik Lee Robinson - Maryland, Bowie / Stole 500 from our family

Jul 09, 2014

Erik Robinson is a low life and will take money away from you and your family without even hesitating. I made the mistake of listening to one of his seminars at The Millionaire Bootcamp at which he owns. He makes a mass speech to a group of people about creating financial freedom which turns out to be a complete lie! I have learned that anything that is legitimate, won't require any of your money in order to make money. Erik will tell you all of these lies about making money except that it will cost you something in order to begin. I would strongly urge everyone to do their research about...