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Era Stroman aka Stroman Realty Complaints & Reviews

Era Stroman aka Stroman Realty / Lessons Learned


Thank goodness I found this website. I just got the song and dance of how great this company is and how fast they would sell my timeshare. The only thing faster was the speed at which they asked for my credit card number to start the process... sure thing!

Era Stroman aka Stroman Realty / Better stay away from this company


A few years ago we were contacted by them to sell our time share. We had to scrape together the $499 to even try and get out from under the payments and annual dues. All contact with the company was initiated by me and it took a few years to sell, by that time we had lowered our asking price to the point that we took a loss on our taxes and even had to pay an additional amount of money just to get rid of the time share. We were so thankful to be out from under the financial burden.