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Entertainment Weekly Magazine - California, Cabazon — I never ordered or received magazine

I have never ordered or received any entertainment weekly magazine. In my life. Reference number for this debt I received is 499320. The amount the paper from collect pros is 249.10 Like I said I never ordered or received that magazine

Cabazon Books  · Jun 03, 2015

Entertainment Weekly Magazine - Nevada, Carson City — Never received or ordered

Received collection notice for Entertainment Weekly Magazine for 365.75 First I have new ordered nor received any magazines Second the do not have my full adrees n no apartment # which will not b delivered goes on the collection pile to b returned. I have never received a bill or any notification except for this collection bill dated 5/20/2015 the give a reference #587883 with a telephone # [protected] which is an automated recording when ask to speak to live representative its still all automated can never receive a live person . also their address are different bill comes from the office of...

Entertainment Weekly Magazine — Scam generated debt collectors

I received a notice fro collection of bad debit saying i subscribed to entertainment weekly magazine. I never subscribed and i want to know what address the subscription was sent to. I went on line and this company has a reputation of sleezy collections and ironically, other people with the same magazine for the same amount. My reference number is 413981 for $332.50. Nobody answers the phone listed @ [protected] which supposedly in a different state than the p.O. Box in mass. I can be reached at bobkat.[protected] or [protected].

1 comments Collections Agencies  · May 25, 2015

Entertainment Weekly Magazine — Collect Pros

Hi my name is surinder kaur. I have received a collect pros letter to collect a debt. In the letters say i have buy Entertainment Weekly Magazine onlie. They send me bill for $365.75 dollars. I get surprised to see this letter because i haven't order any product Entertainment Weekly Magazine if i didn't get any magazine by that name. I swear that i didn't ordered. Please understand me i can't pay the bill because i dint get this. Please release me from this bill. I will be thank to you.

Entertainment Weekly Magazine — Collection Letter

The PINK letter is from COLLECT PROS payments made easy. It states : THIS IS A ATTEMPTTO COLLECT A DEBIT Reference Number : 3 _ _ _ _ 6 My name Is: Toini Date of Notice : 05/18/2015. Payment Due Date: 30 Days of receipt. Overdue Balance: $224.15. Product: Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Amount Due : $224.15 BUT It also states to Make Check or Money Order Payable To: Collect Pros P.O.Box 4133 Woburn, MA [protected] My Statement : I NEVER ORDER THIS MAGAZINE. I am VERY UPSET that they are trying to get me to pay for something I NEVER Ordered. I Want to stop this company be for the get to...

5 comments Collections Agencies  · May 21, 2015