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Empire Automotive Group Complaints & Reviews

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Con Artists

May 27, 2011

I cannot stress enough for people to not come here. These guys are complete crooks, they'll take you for everything you have. I purchased a vehicle off of them, and one month into having it I found out it had transmission problems. It was past the 30 day warranty, but I still took it up to their shop to have it "fixed". They called me the next day and told me everything was good, it only needed a tranny flush. I'm still having the same problems with my car. These guys are a bunch of tools in suits. Do not make the same mistake I did.

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / no good

Feb 13, 2011

i was looking at there adds on craigslist and there main web sit and they had two cars i was looking at and them i called them and they said yes they have them and they said to come on down so i drove 2 hours to the dealer and i went in and ask them about the cars i was looking to buy out right and they said sorry we don't have them no more and then try to have me buy a car for 2, 000 more then i had and say i have to finance it and i said no thank you and they wore getting mad about it and said i had to and good f##king luck geting a good car for 3, 500 the car they tired to put me in...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Bad servies

Feb 12, 2011

We went there to take a look at Subaru forester 2009.The price was $13, 995 Not too bad.I called dealer to find out if its correct, they sad yes the price is what you see on the ad.I did ask if there any more charges to this car. They sad ONLY doc fee 399$. Well does not too bad is it? But when we got there, after a test drive I sad I like it! We went to the office. I asked to give me a carafax on this : vehicle they sad that they don't deal with carafax cuz its not good… Thats starting to sound wrong, anyway they gave me some kind of report from web site that few people know. On...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Complete Scam Artist


First of all, I have never written a complaint before, but this place was so bad, it compelled to let others know about it. I traveled there to check out a car I saw online. When I arrived there, I was little disappointed when there building was run down and there was grimy looking sales people that appeared as if they had just got out of prison. Nevertheless, they had the car I was looking for. I had a mechanic check out the car and he found a whole list of issue's that where hidden from me at the dealership. I told dealership to fix these problems or I was not interested in buying the...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / They tried to play me


I went there to look for a car I was buying for my 21 year old daughter, I saw a car I thought she would like but I didnt buy it the first time, I wanted her to see it first. I went home, looked on the computer and found it, she loved it so we went up there the next day to get it for her. When we got there it was in the service department. I asked the saleman if we could get it and he said lets go for it. My husband showed up and we got down to filing out all the papers, saw the finance man talked about the and by the way we along needed to finance 3996, but when we went to see the...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Misleading Price


Lets see I searched on 1-24-10 and found a truck at Empire Automotive Group. Price was $9, 995.00, so I drove 1.5 HRS down the next day. Found out now I need to add $2, 995.00 to price of truck, there is DISCLAIMER at bottom of the web page. This is add on bottom of page... Dealer Disclaimer New England’s Largest Volume True-Wholesale Dealer. 100 % guaranteed credit approval, max trade allowances, lowest prices and the largest inventory 350+ in stock. Retail Auto Dealers are welcome but must provide valid dealer license at time of purchase. With our sales volume we ask that you...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / to many complaints to metion


where do i start.. do not buy a car from these people.. I went there with 10 suvs or trucks i was interested in.. when i got there almost none of them were there or the ones that were were junk.. I ended up settling for a car that i had not done any research on only to find out when i got home i paid 2000 dollars more than the internet price . they told me that the internet price was as is and they recomended that i pay a little extra and they would check it out and make sure the car was in great condition.. well i drove it for two weeks and i had to spend 1500 dollars to repair it when it...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / warranty service refund delay


We purchased a vehicle on june 22nd and were also sold a warranty service wich cost $2095. We cancelled this warranty service before it completed 30 days, like we were told to do, on July 18th. Today is October 29th and we still haven't received the full amount back. I have called them SEVERAL times, each time I call it takes me about 2 days until I am able to speak with a person. Each time they a had a different excuse, you name it... from saying that we hadn't sent the requested information (although they confirmed when we did), to blaming the warranty service company. It feel...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Car issues


I purchased a used Volvo from them - drove it for 20 days and then had to have it towed in b/c the engine was knocking really loud. Thank God I got the warranty b/c it has been a nightmare! More than a month later and my car is STILL not fixed! First is was the lifters, then something else, then we were waiting for a new motor - then they got a used motor w/ less miles, but they broke something else putting it in and now I STILL don't have my car! I've been making payments on it - AND had to rent a car for 3 wks ($900!) then had to forgo having two cars on our vacation and this week...

Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / Misleading Ads



Empire Automotive Group - New Hampshire, Manchester / False Advertising on Internet


Empire Automotive group is a real disappointment, I drove 4 hours to get there for a Jeep that I saw advertised on for $6995.00 and when I called they said they would give me a good deal and nothing was wrong with the Jeep, However when I arrived they wanted $9995.00 and the check engine light was on and they did not want to fix it. So if I were you I wouldn't waste my time with this place as they have a bad rep according to many other dealers that I talked to that day.

Empire Automotive Group / They sold me a lemon


I bought a car from these clowns and it was a lemon. They had me come back 4 times to make the necessary repairs. Each time they said they were too busy and had to reschedule. I drove 3 hours each time for nothing. Randy Miller is the President, and probably the sleaziest businessman I ever met. They brought me into his office like it was some sanctuary. He was a nasty bitter little man stuck in the 70's with his poodle curly hairdo, and polyester suit. Of course he refused to make it right, and said there was no lemon law in NH. Why does the NH Attorney Generals Office let this man stay in business? In his next life he will surly come back as a rabid skunk.

Empire Automotive Group / Avoid them


Empire Auto in Manchester NH misrepresented price and mileage in ad. I stupidly still bought the BMW couldn't pass inspection...had to spend another $1, 000.oo in repairs... The owner of Empire was a slick little greaseball...he would not assist or make things right...he physically threatened me when I demanded my money back...he said his attorneys were smarter than the idiots at the NH Attorney Generals Office...he is a true ###...he should be put out of business...there have been many new BBB complaints of which he never responds to any and carries a negative standing...