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eMachines Complaints & Reviews

eMachines / Scam

Jan 6, 2011

You were reading a complaint about Emachines. Filing a new complaint about 2 years ago I purchased an Emachines computer for my son. Overall it has worked well for him and done the job. The OS crashed here not to long ago. If you look on the side of the computer there is a long number on a certification decal issued by Microsoft. It proves without doubt that I own and have the right to use use a copy of MS Vista Home. Microsoft sells licenses to computer manufactures in large blocks and gives them the right to resale as installed software on a new machine. When you purchase a new computer...

eMachines / Poor technical support


I purchased a new emachines at the beginning of the year. I had been very happy with their computers and service before they were purchased now the service is unbelievably bad. After three months the unit could not be turned on when the button was pushed. They refused to provide a shipping label saying I had to pay to return the unit--they have no local repair. To top it off the unit did not work when it was returned. They claimed they replaced the mother board, most likely a good tech would check the switch and the power supply. When I called to have it repair again they again insisted on...

eMachines / Should not be allowed to operate


We are being fleeced by this "computer" company and it is time someone goes in and exposes them for the frauds they are. junk is going out the door packaged to resemble computers but unfortunately for the unresearched buyer they do not perform!! i bought an emachines desktop model t5082 less than 2 yrs ago and it is horridly slow and sounds like a jet engine on takeoff. there are 6 usb ports, they do me no good bc only 1 of them work. and the one that does work has my internet service plugged in to it which means i can not plug in my printer, scanner, fax, camera, etc. i wish i had looked at...

eMachines - California, Irvine / junk computers


i purchased an emachines desktop model t5082 less than 2 years ago. from the beginning it was horridly slow and so loud it sounded like a jet engine. there are 6 usb ports on the computer and guess how many are working, one. this computer is not even 2 yrs old and i have to replace all of my usb ports. the one that is working (for now) has my internet service plugged in to it, so that means i have no place to plug in my printer, scanner, fax, camera, etc. i work from home for the same company for the last 4 yrs and they require my system to meet certain standards. when i purchased the computer...

eMachines / Bad service


Biggest piece of crap Ive ever used...Ive had mine a week and the onboard ethernet connection has Im running an alternative OS (Dual boot Ubuntu Linux and Vista Beta 2) and joined with the fact that ive broken the seal and opened the case...(to add a WORKING ethernet card) Im sure that the company will weasel their way out of honoring their 1 yr warranty, as their warranty explicitly states that you may only use software officaly approved for use with emachines. After reading the rest of these posts, I can see It would be a waste of my time to even try. I wish I would have looked up some customer reviews before it was too late...TOTAL CRAP!!

eMachines / Which is worst... eMachines Support or eMachines products?


The following is my complaining about eMachines. I am not sure what all information is I am sending everything I have about one encounter that lasted nearly 90 minutes, and resolved nothing. I cannot determine which is worst... eMachines Support or eMachines products. I have had an amazing amount of problems with my eMachines laptop. Just six months after purchasing it for nearly $1500.00, it started breaking. A few things that have had to be fixed: The screen Speakers 'Y' key Touchpad Screen hinge Power Cord Power socket (exterior) Power socket...