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Elite Personal Search Complaints & Reviews

Elite Personal Search / Don't waste your money

Aug 31, 2011

Elite personal search, Ha. The only thing elite is there name. The only difference between Elite and or other internet sites is the thousands of dollars Elite charges. You would think that after the several in depth interviews for your match requirements that they might actually match you accordingly. Think again. You have to tell them over and over what it is your looking for. Their match making ladies are not too sharp either and it takes them weeks to find you someone that is not even close to your criteria. The sales ladies do a good job making their company sound great, but don't believe it for a minute. Go buy a 70" plasma instead. You'll be happier.

Elite Personal Search / Found Love

May 19, 2011

I met with Jamie Rose back in January of this year. I was coming out of a 25 year marriage and didn't really know how to even get back into the dating scene. I really liked how the process worked and felt very comfortable with Jamie so I decided to move forward. About a week later I went and got my photos done and Jamie started to put a few matches together. She presented me two women and I ended up choosing Alex. We both lived in the same area and has a lot in common on paper. Jamie told me she was her first pick. We talked over the phone a few days and I set up a date for us to meet...

Elite Personal Search - California, Los Angeles / Scam, Fraudalent Services


I am an elite client and as such, please do yourself a favor and run away with your $7000 and invest it somewhere else. If you want to give matchmaking services a try, then investigate other companies where they truly hand select matches for you. This company is an expensive version of online dating (since they send you a profile along with a picture) and if you try to complain, they will tell you they have presented you with X number of profiles when these matches are no longer available, or perhaps they do not exist because these people are no longer clients. The company doesn't honor...

Elite Personal Search / Terrible company


In July 2006, I went into the offices of Elite Personal Search and had a 3 hour 'interview' with Devan. At that time, I wasn't sure if the service was right for me. I explained to Devan that I felt it would difficult to find a match for me among the members of Elite Personal Search/Debra Winkler. Although I am a professional career woman, Devan assured me that I would 'easy to match', even though I have tattoos and dreadlocks (I work in a creative field, and wanted to meet someone who was a professional, but also 'eclectic') . She explained, 'we have all...

Elite Personal Search - California, Hollywood / Scam - non delivery of promises


I was pitched a $5, 000 to $10, 000 contract which promised to introduce me, in person, to 10 men in accordance with my preferences (that they live in Northern Calif in or within 50 miles of San Jose / Santa Clara Valley) within 12 months of signing the contract. I signed up for $5, 000 in October and to date have not been introduced to a single individual in person. I was given one phone number, and that gentleman did not make our dinner date. I have been sent 4 potential matches - over my age or weight range, and none within 50 miles of San Jose. The contract looks pretty solid, but they have truly not come even close to delivering on their part of the deal, as noted in that contract.

Elite Personal Search / Rip Off


I am a very careful, intelligent woman who has always snickered a bit at people who got scammed. Guess what? Happened to me!! I admit, I have not given Elite ample time to prove just HOW awful they probably are, but I warn anyone thinking about using Elite Personal Services to think otherwise. They are fantastic salespeople. Their bottom line is to gets lots of money from you, then provide you with "matches" you could get off something like Craigslist [for FREE.] Their "matches" vaguely [and that is being generous] fit what you spent hours expressing you wanted in a mate. I realized too late...

Elite Personal Search / Vampires


I would like to share this court experience about suing Elite Personal Search. I signed contract with Active Single LLC / DBA Elite Personal Search about two years ago. They claimed they were local in San Jose, the sales rep. named Louis promised me they would have local office and local people (esp. him) would work with closely me to find my life time partner. He spent 2 hours explaining how wonderful their services are. Well, hoping someone could do what they are paid for, I paid them $7900 for a 18-month service, which Elite claimed to be the lowest rate they had. Elite’s San Jose...

Elite Personal Search - California, Los Angeles / Failed Performance


I am a successful, educated, beautiful woman who has difficulty meeting great men because I am a single mother who spends my time mothering. I thought that Elite would be able to help me meet men of equal caliber who met my preferences and religious requirements. My matchmaker Summer was able to set me up on a date with a very nice gentleman for my first date who I got along very well with, but later found did not meet my explicit requirements that were outlined in my matchmaking profile. Elite continued to send proposed matches of men who did not remotely meet my requests, so I questioned...