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Eli Fine Cars Complaints & Reviews

Eli Fine Cars - Ontario, Mississauga / sexist

Jun 24, 2017

I had a terrible experience at Eli Fine cars in Mississauga. I showed up to test drive a vehicle, he made a big deal about having to move other cars in order to get to the one I wanted to drive. He told me to just "look" at it and see if I liked it. When I came back from the test drive he told me the car had already been sold to someone else and he was "just letting" me drive it?? It is NOT a good place to go if you are a young mid 20s female. These people were horrible. Very sexist.

Eli Fine Cars - Ontario, MISSISSAUGA / scam

Aug 04, 2014

Do not buy from this guy. He is a complete scam. He is so disrespectful and will try to rip you off. All of his cars are beat up and he tries to sell them to people who do not know much about the cars and will take advantage of you. I am surprised he is still in business. I went to go take a look at one of his cars and he was completely stoned out of his mind, he has a bunch of little wanna be thugs haning around his lot with their pants low and their ### showing. He was extremely rude over the phone and in person. Anyways save yourself the headache and go somewhere else to buy a car.

Eli Fine Cars - Ontario / used car purchase

Dec 07, 2012

They will lie to your face. This is a follow up to the whole “no ownership” fiasco. So round two began with the owner contacting me after seeing my initial post on the complaints board. The owner claimed that he had done nothing wrong and did not deserve any complaints against him. I explained that I was frustrated that I was not informed of any issues pertaining to ownership and that it has been a week since I signed the bill of sale and provided my deposit. The owner offered to replace the cheque he returned to me for my deposit for a certified cheque. When I came to exchange...

Eli Fine Cars - Ontario / vehicle purchase gone wrong

Nov 19, 2012

I am dealing with another issue with these guys. I provided a cash deposit for a vehicle that was promised to be ready for me the next morning provided that I have insurance set up for the car and can pay the balance owing. So I put down the deposit friday afternoon and called my insurance broker to have the vehicle added to my policy then when I came in to pay the balance and drive away saturday morning, I was hit with pathetic excuses. Apparently, they were unable to receive the ownership because the acura dealership failed to provide one at the auction and the ministry did not have a record...

Eli Fine Cars - Ontario, Mississauga / rip off

Oct 31, 2012

These guys r scam artists "do not buy a car from them". . . They will be very nice to until they have ur money. . . I bought a vw passat from them 1 week later the transmission was gone i called them they just simpl y said that its not their responsiblilty iam goin to go to omvic and now how am i suppose to get to work theses people just dont care and supposdely the warranty that they sold me dont care either. . . They said they will process the claim and get back to me its been a week and no call back and the person who i spoke to is on vacation so until he comes back. . . No one can do...