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Element Global Services - Complaints & Reviews

Element Global Services - - New York, Blasdell / Debt collector

Sep 24, 2016

1902 Ridge Road West Seneca NY NY 14224 Phone:[protected] Danette Smith 24574 Laura Ct Center Line, MI 48015 Attention: Danette Smith At this time the offices of Element Global Services are allowing less than the balance in full to be paid in order to satisfy the account listed above. Payment(s) must be processed by Element Global Services in accordance with the date(s) and amount(s) listed below. Within forty five (45) days of clearance of the final payment this offfice will submit a closing report to our client. This payment arrangment is NULL and VOID if not paid...

Element Global Services - - New York, West Seneca / Fake debt collector

Jul 30, 2014

This company has been harassing me for the past few weeks trying to get me to pay on a power bill that is over 3 years old and has already been paid off. When I sent them a debt validation letter via certified mail they emailed me back with a suspect looking invoice for a 22.90 "agency fee" plus 100+ in late fees. After showing them that the account was already settled and that the 22 dollar charge was bogus they threatened to harm my credit report if I did not pay today. On top of that this whole agency seems to be a scam. The address is not even valid and is instead a UPS store meaning they...