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Apr 20, 2011

This message is for all people who have been scammed or are about to be scammed by, also goes by the name and, and, and,,, and all other site that offer fake id from overseas. To put it simply, DO NOT DO IT! It's a scam. They guy is probably doing thousands of $$$ a month and is hard to reach. I ordered 5 IDs for my friends totaling $400 (if you ask why I needed that many. Well, thought to give them to my friends so they could get a discount in my local golf club and... / Take $$$ with nothing in return


I sent these putronic foul stenching ### over $400-00 (aus) for 4 nsw drivers licenses (novelty of course) that was over a month ago. I even sent an extra $30-00 for express delivery! I must be the most stupid ### on this planet. The only reason i dealt with them in the first place was due to a couple of these "fake id review" sites saying wasone of the best etc etc. They have not heard the last of me... where are these maggots??? / This is bullsh*t!


I'm an idiot to have believed that this was an actual company that sent fake ids. What is the dumbest part about it is that at the same time I sent these goons $130, I tried and they wanted me to send money TO THE SAME PERSON!!! First, it was Raina Melena in Athens, Greece, then Amr Hussein in Cairo, Egypt. These companies are frauds!!! They're run by one guy!!! DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT send money to any fake id site, PERIOD! No matter how promising it looks. Especially when it's out of the country and they have you wire the money through Western Union. If you really want a fake id, start asking around. I'm sure you'll find someone in that field. / Thanks to you all!


I would just like to say thank you to all of those who have posted about these "scam" websites. I was trying to get a fake id and sent them the $99 less than a day ago, and then came across this website, luckily, i was able to call western union right away and get my money back, except for the $15 fee, which is better than nothing. I am so sorry that all of you had to get scammed, were all just desperate trying to get in the bars and such with the rest of our friends, and who can blame us?? / Scam... Scam... Scam


If you planing to get the product of this company don't even try it. It's a big rip off. Well try to order the product for just for fun to show to my friends. Got suck in the review boards is the best site to go to so like the review well stupid of me to send the money to western union and the name NIKOLAOS SECHOPOULOS is the main guy to pick up the money well forget about it cos is a give away.. Lose the money and send them a message and no reply so adios. The money is a give away and those review is the same guy so don't even think of sending any money at all...Good Luck / I got scammed!


Okay... okay... I got scammed by I am posting because does anyone else find this interesting? If you look at the people in the ID cars it's a little weird how they are all the same for every state... I remember seeing this non attractive lady on a KANSAS template... Then looking around she is on like 10 different websites... Then i realized all the people are the same in like every website? I just wanted everyone to notice that... Another thing is this website called They have an address you physically mail something to and the people in those pictures match...