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EEE Auto Sales Complaints & Reviews

EEE Auto Sales / Used Car Sales

Nov 30, 2015

In 2001 I bought a 1994 Mazda RX-7 from them. I spent almost $19, 000. It lasted 3 months. It turns out that the coolant expansion tank was cracked and all of the coolant leaked out--also broken was the temperature gauge--so the engine overheated and melted together. The dealership (not EEE) wanted $11, 000 to replace the engine and put two new turbo chargers in the car. I was making $30, 000 a year--I could barely afford the car let alone the repairs. I had to do a voluntary repossession, the car was auctioned, and it took me 4 years to pay off the rest of the note (the bank, Suntrust, wa...



recently i was looking for a car and did my searching online like everyone would and ran into a car that i like on and turns out EEE autosales was the seller... if these people are convicts i wouldnt doubt it. they lie with no shame and claim to be very good people with lies coming out of their teeth like stinking bad breath. when did selling cars become such a filthy business? why are these people still in business?? why isnt the county or state of VA not aware of these D-bags i am angry bc i went thru the hassle of doing all the paper work and running my credit but in the end...

EEE Auto Sales - Virginia / DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!!!!!!!


We recently purchased a vehicle from EEE Auto Sales and had the worst purchase experience of our lives. The people at EEE will lie straight to your face, print phony invoices for services done (and never complete the work), make promises they never intend to keep, and provide the worst customer service humanly possible. Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER purchase a vehicle will end up costing you much more time and hastle than going to a manufacturer's dealership (even if their asking prices is a thousand or two less), EEE Auto Sales is not a respectable company and will be...

EEE Auto Sales - Virginia, Tysons Corner / Letter to EEE


My Letter to EEE, EEE, I don’t know if you remember me, I bought a Black 330XI from you about a year and a half ago from EEE while I was overseas and my mom and brother test drove it for me before I came to buy it. Since the factory warranty expired I sunk about 3K into the car because I liked it so much. Well, I found out today that the car had major frame damage from a previous accident before I owned it. I was crushed. I really thought with the way you and the rest of the staff took care of me that I was getting a quality product, but it seems EEE is not what it seems. Also, a...