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Nov 29, 2011

I signed up for 4 weeks get one week free. I was charged not just for 4 weeks as expected, but actually charged to 6 weeks. It is extremely easy to sign up, but nowhere do they tell you what a hassle and run around you will get when you try to cancel. You cannot cancel on the website, but are led to believe that you can cancel via email. But you get a response back that you have to call customer service and speak to someone. I was on hold for 42 minutes, then when someone finally answered I was 're-directdd' to someone else and put on hold for another 20+ minutes. This was before I... - Georgia / Scam billing!


Complete ripoff - I signed up for the $17.95 per month digital diet package - was charged over $300 on my credit card and now I can't reach them at the 800 number or "live chat" and I've emailed twice with no response. How do you get in touch with these people to cancel a membership? I was on hold for 2 hours (not an exaggeration). DO NOT subscribe to ediets. Weight Watchers online service is much better and you can contact them with no problems. / Fraud


Dear Sir/Madam: Two months ago I thought I would try Although I never hit the final "SUBMIT" button on the website, they still took all my info and have begun charging my credit card a monthly fee. Apprently puts you in their system the first time you hit the "next" button on your registration. BE CAREFUL! DON'T START YOUR "FREE" PROFILE UNLESS YOU'RE READY TO PAY THROUGH THE NOSE!, I'm sure, is aware how shady their business practices are. As someone else has already mentioned, they cleverly (or should I say fraudulently) hide the "three... / eDiets is not a reputable site, it is a scam!


Quoted from eDiets spam I received: "Your goals and success are very important to us!" I have found this to be as far from the truth as possible. That is the main reason I decided to cancel my subscription. I asked that when my 28-day cycle was up, they cancel my subscription, then leave me and my money alone. No more spam, no more charges. They then sent me an email stating I would have to continue paying $17.96 per month for three months or pay a $25.00 cancellation fee. Being charged $25.00 to cancel, in my opinion is ridiculous. I paid my $17.96 for 28-days worth of access to the site, at... / Total scam and rip-off!


EDiets - is a online weight loss company. When you sign up in tiny print they tell you that you have to sign up for 3 months. If you cancel you must pay $25.00. So - they have ensured they make the same money - no matter the fact that their site is total garbage. I for one could never get any of the links to work on the site. Every link I click tells me that there is a problem and error and they are sorry for the inconvenience. When I called to complain, the supervisor that I talked to told me that the internet is not stable and there is nothing he can do. He would not refund my money and...