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Echo Lake Cattery Complaints & Reviews

Echo Lake Cattery - Arkansas / Sent cat with ringworm


Pam sent me a cat covered with ringworm. It took the vet and I months of care to clean up the infection. When I told Pam about it, she said it was my fault, as I gave the cat a bath when I recieved him, via air shipment. I told her he had an awful smell to him, and she said "yes, of course he did, I gave him a LIME BATH." This is something given to cats to treat them for ringworm, according to my vet. I had never heard of it before. Why would she give the cat this bath and not tell me at the time of shipping? How did we find out he had ringworm? my daughter contracted it, within a timeframe...

Echo Lake Cattery - Arkansas, Rogers / She sent me the wrong kitten


I visited Echo Lake Cattery website frequently and had finally chosen a kitten that my husband and myself wanted. This kitten was a Tortie-point himalayan. A few weeks later Pam advertised a blue-cream point himalayan that I inquired about. Pam told me that this kitten was taken already. Right about the time we were suppose to get the Tortie-point kitten; she asked me if I were still interested in the blue-cream point kitten. I told her 'no'; we would stick with our original kitten we selected. In the mean-time, Pam sent me a Purchasing Agreement for Tortie Point Female Himalayan. I...

Echo Lake Cattery / Liars, thieves and rip off artists


I want to report a lady who runs and owns Echo Lake Cattery. Her name is Pam Allred. I should have done a background check on her before doing buisness. She and her buisness has a unsatisfactory rating with the BBB in Arkansas due to her failure to respond to complaints filed by customers ranging from refunds to health garrentees. She post her policys on her web page but she doesn't even honor them herself. I lost $400 from her. The biggest problem that I noticed with her is she lets her buisness life be influenced by her personal life. I dont know how many other poeple she has done thi...