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E & K Katz Complaints & Reviews

E & K Katz - North Carolina, Siler City / sick kittens

Jan 22, 2015

I purchased two very sick Devon Rex kittens from Elizabeth Bolen in Sept. Both were very very underweight and had severe respiratory issues. Another buyer contacted me thru Facebook to let me know that the littermate to one of mine had FIP and died within a week of picking him up. Turned out the father had FIP and the breeder KNEW when she let me pick them up. Today one of the kittens had seizures and lost control of half his body. The vet determined dry FIP and he had to be euthanized. SO many buyers have contacted me after seeing my posts to tell me their stories about sick and dying kitten...

E & K Katz - North Carolina, Siler City / sick dying kittens

Oct 16, 2014

I recently purchased two Devon Rex kittens from Elizabeth Bolen of E & K Katz. Both kittens were extremely sick, vet stated both were very undernourished and thin. I did some research on this cattery and discovered that it is NOT registered with CFA even though she gives CFA papers out with kittens. It is also run under the name Beautymus Cattery with Karen Hill as owner. There are numerous reports on Rip Off Consumer Complaints regarding sick and dying kittens. The buyer of one of the litter mates to my kitten contacted me through Facebook to tell me that her kitten was extremely ill the day...