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Dunna Davis Complaints & Reviews

Dunna Davis - Arkansas, Pine Bluff / Stole 475 From Us

Jun 01, 2015

I made a really bad mistake dealing with Dunna Davis. He is the owner of Dunna Davis Promotions and does small time promo work around Pine Bluff. I heard from his friend Brandon Batemon that he was excellent at his job. We hired him for an upcoming rap artist. It involved 475 as a deposit for a venue. After sending him the money he stopped responding to us. We made several attempts to contact him but he would just hang up. Our last attempt involved calling from a different number. He would answer but then hang up when he found out it was us. We encourage everyone to read more about Dunna Davis and his history of scams online. Use your money towards someone reputable.

Dunna Davis - Arkansas, Pine Bluff / Stole 950 From Me

Jan 08, 2015

I've known Dunna Davis from a few friends. I decided that I wanted to work with him and his company Dunna Davis Promotions but it was a huge mistake. He introduced me to a scammer Brandon Batemon which stole $950 dollars from me! Brandon was to do my photography but has ended up shunning me and ignoring my calls. I blame Dunna Davis over this and partly feel that he was involved. I've heard from many sources that Brandon uses a few people to swipe money for him. If you Google his name there are dozens of bad reviews. Brandon is his close friend and they work very closely together. Unethical minds think alike.